Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Weekend Report - An Agility Trial at Long Last!

It has been a very long while indeed since my last agility trial...all the way back to October when Jimmy and I earned our PACH2 title. I usually sign up for a lot less trials in the winter, but I was also staying home with Wilson. Fortunately, he's been doing so well, I felt comfortable signing up for a trial and taking him along. This trial was given by the Charlottesville Kennel Club and was held at that farm I love so much. It was still a winter day with chilly temps and a wind, but the sun was shining! And of course Cedar got to come along as well!

I won't spend much time talking about our runs. Jimmy and I are both out of practice and a bit out of shape as well. Jimmy knocked a bar on both of our runs so we did not get any Qs. We did have a lot of fun and that's what really counts. Jimmy got to be the center of attention, something he's been missing since Cedar came along. Plus he got peanut butter! MMMM! That's his post run treat.

I had lots of fun seeing my friends again and showing off Cedar. Most people had seen him on FaceBook, but real life is a lot more fun when it comes to a puppy! Cedar took the agility scene in stride. He enjoyed meeting people and oh, so many dogs of all shapes and sizes. But the best thing that happened for him was a cute little Pembroke Corgi girl who was 10 months old. She wasn't a whole lot bigger than Cedar so they were a good match. They wrestled, they ran, they chased, and just had an all around blast. He definitely couldn't catch her with his still clumsy puppy stride, but he gave it his all. And of course I took photos....Lots of them!

I did *try* to get a picture of all three boys with a mountain background. Wilson wasn't up to walking way back in the hills so I tried near where the cars were parked. It's very hard to get a good shot when you have a puppy with no "stay".....Cedar is in the process of trying to run off with the poop bag holder attached to Wilson's leash. Just about anything is fair game to a pup!

I have a few more trials lined up so stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like a great day and you're right FUN is most important. Looks like Cedar was making sure FUN was at the top of his list!

  2. He had a blast at his first trial!!

  3. Looks like a very fun puppy play date :D Milo, Jet and Arli

  4. How fun! I miss agility - there isn't a good active club up here for us to practice with. Give Wilson a hug from us!

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

  5. It sounds like Cedar had a blast with that cute girl! I'm so glad that Wilson is doing well.

    I love the puppy play photos.


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