Thursday, December 14, 2017

Switching Seasons

I certainly haven't been posting much lately. No excuses, I've just lost that blogging feeling. When last I posted, it was mild and fall was in full force. With not much effort, Mother Nature moved on without me!

I don't mind a snowy day or two before Christmas comes along. The photo-ops are always appreciated! The other day we had one of those gorgeous heavy wet snows that coats everything and is gone the next day.

We didn't need to walk far to get plenty of pretty shots!

I live in suburbia and a nice snow can sure do wonders for the natural beauty!

My pretty boy!

And later in the evening, things were still pretty awesome! My neighbor's bush looked so festive under a layer of snow!

A view from the front yard...

Peeking in my living room window on the way to the back door....

I of course took Christmas themed pictures of the boys. I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by! But those are for another day and another post closer to Christmas.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

An Odd Fall

We didn't have much of a fall season here this year. The weather stayed mild longer than usual and the trees were slow to change. They did eventually get their bright colors but it was for a much shorter time before they faded to shades of brown and yellow. I did snap a few shots so there would be a record of Fall 2017....

Friday, November 10, 2017

Who Cued a Queue?

It is important to be properly spaced and properly ordered when waiting in line....

Corgi, Brittany, Corgi, Brittany.....Noses down!

There's always one who lags behind!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wilson's Winnings on Wordless Wednesday

Jimmy is usually the recipient of my performance praises. He is a high drive boy who loves to work. But before I even had Jimmy, there was Wilson doing his best! He may not have had Jimmy's love of agility, but he loved to please and earned plenty of ribbons himself......

On the left, Agility. Top right three, Herding, and lower right, Rally.

Jimmy's thinking "Just wait til she does MY post like this!!!"

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