Friday, April 29, 2016

Bonfire Buddies

The other night we fired up (pun intended of course!) our little backyard firepit. It's really not much more than an empty grill that can hold small logs. But it can hold quite a blaze when it first gets going.

Here are Jimmy and John lit by the flames. It looks like John is telling the traditional scary campfire tale. Just look at Jimmy's wary face! I wonder what story he was telling? A horror story for Jimmy would be that we ran out of smores!

Hey, I'm on a roll here! This was my third post in one week! Woohoo!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wilson Wondered Whether Wobbleboard Work Would Whittle his Waist on Wordless Wednesday

Last week I asked for suggestions on "W" words. It was great fun to see what everyone came up with. Of course, some words were more, shall we say, photogenic, than others. While "whippoorwill" is a great word, I doubt one will willingly pose with Wilson!

I have a few great ideas to work with now, and I will see how I can use them in the coming weeks.

First up on the list was this whole title provided by Janet. (Thanks!) It's a great one and I was able to run right outside and make it happen. Now that's the kind of  words I need!

Here we have Wilson on his Wobbleboard....he really does look like he is contemplating something....I think it's whether he will get any more treats for posing.

Janet gave me another SIXTY or so words to work with! WOW!

Here are a few she provided that I have sort of already used....Warily , while not exact Wormlike ,  Waterhole , Welcome ,  the same theme as White Wine ,  Waver , and Wallet

I'm going to leave it here for now. It's time to call it a day (I'm writing this on Tuesday night and it's past my bedtime). Keep checking back and you may see your word featured!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Weekend Report: And We Did It!

Last time, when Jimmy earned his big MACH title, I started out by giving you mood music.  I think I'll continue the tradition with this, oh-so- classic.....(It will open in it's own window)....

This weekend was an agility trial given by the Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club. This one is always fun and this time more so than ever!

On Saturday, we had a wonderful run going in the Standard ring, we nailed our dogwalk contact (always iffy!), kept the bars up and barreled for the finish line, only to crash the very last jump. Oh, No!

The Jumpers run later in the day was quite challenging, and, of course without our Double-Q on the line, we aced it! Sorry no video for that one....Here are Saturday maps...

Wonky dates on these maps, but they are the right ones!
We were right back at it bright and early Sunday morning.....again it started with Standard and this time we kept the bars up!

Here's the video.....

This was a 2nd place run, being beat by about one half of a second by our good friends, Gretchen and Twist.

With the pressure on, and a Jumpers course that was hard to remember, we went into the ring with a few extra nerves. I reminded myself to Stay Calm and Corgi On! and it actually worked! I had a few moments of really being in the moment and savoring the run! It felt like slow motion! I worked each jump, Jimmy did his part by keeping the bars up, and we had ourselves QQ#20!  And first place to make it even sweeter!

The video which includes our victory lap!

Such happy moments! Many, many thanks to my videographers Sandy and Darlene! I so appreciate your help!

Here is the customary photo that we all take with our titling judge...I chose to stand in front of the Smiley face that was on the wall. It truly was a smiling moment....Look at my grin!

Judge Sally Gichner

And when we got home, Jimmy had to endure a modeling session.....

What more can I say? What a great day!

Tracking Jimmy's PACH progress:
Very 1st Double-Q: Saturday 06/21/2014
QQ#20: 04/24/2016 (almost two years to the day since our MACH!)
Masters JWW legs: 35...MJP Title 01/25/15 MJPB 10/11/15
Masters STD legs: 32...MXP Title!10/24/14 MXPB 10/11/15
Double Q's: 20 !!!
PACH Points: 1542 (twice the number needed!)

AKC Nationals 2017: Perry, GA
Double-Q's: 3 (out of 7 needed)
Points: 176 (out of 550 needed)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wilson Wants Words on Wordless Wednesday!!!

As yesterday's post mentioned, I've been low on time and inspiration. That includes my "W" words for this blog hop, so I had an idea! How about all my loyal Wordless Wednesday visitors put their minds to it and come up with some words that start with "W" that I haven't used yet. I've been doing this Wednesday thing for quite a while now, so you will need to search my blog to see if your word has already been in play. You can do that by using the little search box that is in the very top left corner. Enter your word and click the magnifying glass to search. It should give you posts that include your word, either in the title or the blog body. So what's in it for you? Well, one, you'll get to see your word with a Wilson photo one Wordless Wednesday (isn't that enough reward, LOL?), but, two, I will come up with some kind of small prize I can send your way via email. I'm not sure what yet, but some kind of gift card, like Amazon or Starbucks, or such.

So give it your best shot! Leave your word suggestions in the comments, or even a full "W" themed title and we will see what happens! This could be a lot of fun!

And of course I can't have a post without any photo at all, so here is a beautiful little spot I saw over the weekend....and a "W" caption to go with it......

Wishing Wilson Was With us When We Walked near Windows!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tulips on Tuesday!

Spring has sprung and flowers abound. Yesterday was actually closer to summer with temps reaching well into the 80's. We've turned the A/C on already! These pictures were taken over the weekend before the warm weather had a chance to wilt the tulips. I had no treats along for this walk so I did not get the best work ethic from my models! They don't work for free they will have you know!

I'm sorry my posts are so infrequent these days. I am lacking both time and inspiration. I've been trying to visit everyone at least once a week but I don't always have time to leave a comment. I'm still here, just on an unintentional blogging diet.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Weekend Report: Back on Track!

This weekend report holds so much news it is hitting the stands a couple days  several days late! This trial was held by the Capital Dog Training Club.

The best news of the weekend is that Jimmy seemed like his normal speedy self and after a full weekend of agility didn't seem sore or gimpy. No bars went down this weekend so he seems to be jumping just fine! Yay!

The first news segment is that this weekend Jimmy and I tried the new Premiere class AKC recently started offering. It is much more challenging than the normal Masters level classes, with faster speeds expected, harder weave entries, back-side jumps, just generally all around more challenging for both the dog and the handler. I tried both the Standard and the Jumpers versions and of course I video'd the one I did not  qualify in, go figure. It was definitely handler errors that did us in and you can really see the moment when I got disgusted with myself. LOL! It was still very fun and I truly wasn't worried about qualifying. This particular game leads to yet another big title but the requirements are steep enough I don't planning on earning it. We will just dabble....

Here are the maps so you can see the challenges.....

Our Standard run went south after the weave poles. I lagged back too far and couldn't get in a side change soon enough, so I then couldn't get Jimmy to the backside of jump # 8, which then messed up #9. This was the one tough area and we didn't make it through. Oh, well, the rest was great.  Here's the's noisy so turn down your speakers first!

Our next run was Standard. This run was similar to the Premiere version with a few differences. Jimmy stuck to his dogwalk contact like a good boy and we went on to finish successfully! First place and 29 more points toward our tiny 2017 AKC Nationals pot.

Jumpers came next and although it really wasn't too difficult, I didn't support one of the last jumps well enough and Jimmy skipped it. I was annoyed with myself! When I got out of the ring, I learned Jimmy had actually popped out of the weaves too early, so I was off the hook! LOL!


And finally came the Premiere Jumpers run. It had some tricky spots and those had Jimmy barking at me in frustration. He couldn't believe I knew where I was going! But he was a good by and jerked his way through the odd twists and turns. I got lazy and didn't ask anyone to video us. Of course that guarantees a Q. Oops! Jimmy was the only dog in his height class so we got the blue ribbon by default. There were not a lot of Q's across all the heights, so Jim did a very good job!

After Premiere JWW was over, the club offered a very special class for the "veterans". Our older dogs were given a chance to go back in the ring and play. Although it was open to dogs 7 and older, I think everyone who entered had a dog in their teens or very close. There wasn't a dry eye in the place as the old partners took one more turn around the ring, albeit a short run. I think the oldest dog was 15 and there was even a Pembroke Corgi in a cart (the bars were removed from the jumps). That one really had everyone choked up! Of course, I entered Wilson! Despite his recent practice, he was so excited he ran right past the first three jumps. He had a blast and really thought it was the real thing. He wanted a treat at the end!

I have video!

He got a very pretty ribbon for his efforts......

I made him model it when he got home.....He wasn't thrilled. LOL!

Sunday had a couple of challenging Standard and Jumpers courses (I did not sign up for the Premiere ones on Sunday, too much money for all those entry fees!)


Standard was first, and for us the biggest challenge was the dogwalk through #3-#6. I needed  Jimmy to stick his dogwalk contact, not take #4 before #3 and get going toward #6 correctly.

I've got video! (Thanks Chris!)  Jimmy did a nice fast job and earned a 2nd place ribbon.

Jumpers was an interesting run, circling around the weaves and coming back to them near the end. My moves got a bit off cue on #8 to #9 and Jimmy saved my butt! Yay! He kept moving and didn't back jump #9. We made it through the rest successfully and there we had it! Double-Q # 19!!!! Every trial from here on will be  an attempt at Jimmy's big PACH title. This is similar to his MACH but achieved at one jump height lower. So now I'll have ring nerves even worse than usual!

So we had success on four out of six runs, 3 blue ribbons, one red ribbon and a beautiful Veteran's ribbon for Wilson. Plus lots of good friends to visit with. All in all, a pretty great weekend!

And, yes, this huge post ate up any chances of a Wordless Wednesday post. There's just never enough time it seems.

Tracking Jimmy's PACH progress:
Very 1st Double-Q: Saturday 06/21/2014
Masters JWW legs: 34...MJP Title 01/25/15 MJPB 10/11/15
Masters STD legs: 31...MXP Title!10/24/14 MXPB 10/11/15
Double Q's: 19 !!!
PACH Points: 1492

AKC Nationals 2017: Perry, GA
Double-Q's: 2 (out of 7 needed)
Points: 131 (out of 550 needed)

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