Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tasty Tuesday - Jones Natural Chews - Winner Revealed!

Today is the day! A lucky winner has been chosen to receive their choice of Lamb Lung Puffs or Windee Rings. To keep the suspense going just a bit longer, I want to first thank Flea and the rest of the good people at Jones Natural Chews for allowing me the fun of reviewing their products. Wilson and Jimmy also say thank you as they are truly enjoying their samples! I used some small Lamb Lung Puffs chunks this past weekend at Jimmy's agility trial to hold his attention as we queued up for our run. It really did the trick! When my complimentary supply is gone, I will definitely be buying another bag!

Allowing for comments that didn't count toward the contest, I had 22 valid entries (Thank you one and all for playing along!) and Random.org selected......

Congratulations to LybertyGirl!

You can email me at taryn(dot)tipton(at)gmail(dot)com with your choice of treat (Lamb Lung Puffs or Windee Rings) and your mailing address.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Weekend Report - Three Out of Four Ain't Bad

Before I launch into my main post, here's a reminder about my Jones Natural Chews giveaway. Leave a comment on that post (not today's!) to have a chance to win some truly delicious treats for your dog. I'm pulling the winner sometime tomorrow so don't miss out!

OK....moving on to today....

My title came to mind from this Meat Loaf song. It has nothing to do with my post except for a similar title, but it will give you a good earworm for the day. That's always good mischief!

This weekend was the agility trial given by the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Potomac. It was a lot of fun. Great judges who designed fun, flowing courses, corgi friends I hadn't seen in a while, and even a blue merle Cardigan puppy. SQUEE!!!

Jimmy and I had quite a bit of success. Three Q's and 71 more points. Both of us are loving running in the 8 inch class! Jimmy is happy because he makes less mistakes, and I am happy because I can now run the course for a more efficient line and not a line that helps keep the bars up.

Jimmy earned first place in both of his Standard runs. Here is Saturday's, the only one that was videoed (thanks Melissa!)....

We also qualified in Jumpers on Saturday, giving us double-Q #3 toward our PACH. It was a speedy run, but we could not beat a Sheltie that was a full 4 seconds faster. So, it was good for a 2nd place ribbon. Sunday's Jumpers run had a bar down, which was 100% my fault! I changed my handling plan in mid-run, for no real reason, and badly botched a rear cross. Jimmy had no idea what I was trying to tell him to do and crashed the bar. Sorry Jim, that one is all on me!

Sunday's maps for you agility addicts out there.....

I was definitely the mischief maker this week! We would have had a clean sweep if I had just stuck to my original plan! Oh, well, I'll try harder next time!

Tracking Jimmy's PACH progress:
Very 1st Double-Q: Saturday 06/21/2014
Masters JWW legs: 3
Masters STD legs: 5
Double Q's: 3
PACH Points: 194

Sunday, July 27, 2014

What Do Ours Dogs Think We Are Doing When We Sing Along to the Radio?

I have a confession to make. I love to sing along to the radio when I'm driving my car (alone of course!).  But, truth be told, I can't carry a tune to save my life. Was someone listening in, I'm sure it would sound something like a cat fight or maybe frogs croaking. Singing is a gift you are born with, and that one truly did not come my way! But that doesn't stop me from going right along with whatever song is playing, be it a contemporary pop song, or classic rock.  I do wonder what Jimmy and Wilson must think I am doing. Do they ride in the back thinking I am lonely and howling my whereabouts to the other members of my pack? Maybe they think I'm in pain. It sure could sound like that. LOL!

I remember many years ago (think 80's), I was driving to New Jersey with my dear boy Dylan in my Honda Prelude. It had bucket seats so when he was sitting down, he was below the window level. I had the radio blaring to a David Lee Roth song and Dylan started to howl. I got a kick out of that and started singing along, too. I was belting it out at the top of my lungs , smiling at how adorable Dylan was being. The next thing I knew, a car whizzed by me in the left lane. It was full of young guys about my age and they were all laughing and clapping at my animated singing! They couldn't see Dylan in his low spot, that he was singing along with me, so it looked like I was just some random nutjob. (On second thought, I guess I would still have looked like a nutjob even if they could have seen Dylan!) Don't forget, there were no cell phones and blue tooth back then. It was all me by myself. I was really quite embarrassed but I tried to play it off and just waved. My face was probably crimson red!

Now days, you can't tell if someone is talking on the phone or singing along. Those cells phone provide good cover for looking silly!

So how about you? Do you sing in your car? 
What do your dogs think about it?

She's making that NOISE again! Quick, drown it out!

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Sphinx at Sunset

There's no need to travel to Giza  to see the Great Sphinx when I've got one in my own neighborhood!

Fortunately, the nose is still intact on this one!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: What Would Your Dog Do for a Jones Natural Chew?......Oh! And a GiveAway, Too!

Flea and the kind folks at Jones Natural Chews sent Jimmy and Wilson some of their all natural, made in the good ol' USA treats to try out. We received  Lamb Lung Puffs (just what it sounds like, sort of Lamb Cheetos in texture) and Windee Rings (chewy beef trachea). Now I am really picky about what my guys eat. It's important to me that the treats are wholesome, free of artificial ingredients, and made and sourced here in the United States. So of course, the products sold by Jones Natural Chews fit the bill perfectly. 

First, we tried the Lamb Lung Puffs. These come in large, light-weight slabs. They have a nice crunchy texture, but they don't crumble like a biscuit would. The really nice thing about these is you can snap them down into small training treat sized squares with no trouble at all. Jimmy is my agility dog, and as a result gets lots of training treats when we do our practice. I need the pieces to be small, but also extra-tasty and high value so he wants to work for them. These Lamb Puffs got Jimmy very excited!

Look at him go! He's zig-zagging for that bag!

Next up, Wilson got to try a Windee Ring. These are a much more chewy treat and not one you can break into small chunks, at least not without scissors. The point of these is a nice longer lasting chew. Now Corgis are well known for their strong chewing jaws, and Wilson's are no exception! He made his Windee last for about three minutes. Having a camera in his face may well have accelerated the pace of his chewing! You never know when the camera or maybe the person behind the camera is going to try and steal a bite of your Windee!

Where Jimmy had to practice his weaves, I had Wilson show us his strong self-control in the face of overwhelming food desire! Here he is in total concentration mode.....

I didn't make him wait too long. That would be mean! Here he is in full out chewing glory. You can see this is a sturdy treat a dog can really get his teeth into!

I think this next photo says it all. Can't you just feel the doggy ecstasy?

MMM-MM! This Windee is freakin' AWESOME! Heaven in a dog chew!
Both of these treats were very well received by my dogs. For that matter, I kept the taste testing sessions separate so there was no worry of brotherly competition while I was busy trying to film them enjoying their new taste sensations! I was provided these treats at no cost, but the opinions expressed are all Jimmy's and Wilson's! I know my dogs and I know they loved both of these great treats! Thank you Jones Natural Treats for letting us sample such doggy goodness!

Now the Jones' generosity doesn't stop with Jimmy and Wilson. They are also willing to send one of you a bag to sample as well! You get your choice of a bag of Lamb Puffs or a bag of Windee Rings. I'm not much into those Rafflecopter doohickeys, so I'm going to make it really easy to sign up for this giveaway. Just leave me a comment, telling me what your dog would do for a Jones Natural Chew. I will use Random.org to select the winner for me. I will announce the winner next  Tasty Tuesday. That lucky person will need to provide me with their name/address/choice of treat that I will forward to Flea and JNC so they can mail you your prize directly. (You must be a US resident to be eligible for the prize.)

You really don't want to miss out on a chance to win some of these great treats!
 Get busy and leave a comment!
What would your dog do for a delicious Jones Natural Chew?

Click HERE to find a list of stores that sell JNC in your area.

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