Friday, September 4, 2015

Birthday Selfies!!!

For those of you who have been following this blog for a good while, you know I do not like being in the pictures. It's very rare to see me in these posts! Having so much spare time on my hands recently, I decided to head down to our condo at the beach. The rental season is over, it's time to do the deep cleaning, and as a bonus, I could spend my birthday at the beach! Since I headed down by myself, I needed to be inventive to get a birthday portrait. Fortunately, our balcony doors create the perfect mirror! A nice reflection, but the details are vague!

First up is a sunrise selfie. I find it telling that you can see the coffee pot through my silhouette as well as the coffee cup on the table next to me. I'm not a very nice person until I've had that first cup of Joe. LOL!

Then we have a midday selfie. You can see Jimmy and Wilson are there with me, so I'm still within the bounds of this blog! And, yes, I was drinking alone. You can do that on your birthday, right?

Now, a really long term blog follower will be able to tell me which birthday this one was? Any educated guesses?

Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Mischief: I Can't Trust My Memory!

The other evening after dinner, I was walking the boys around the block. It was pretty warm out and they were moving slowly. My mind always goes in a hundred different directions while we take these strolls. I thought about my job search, agility, why doesn't that house ever mow their yard?, etc. One of the thoughts that popped in was that after feeding the boys their dinner, I had forgotten to get their breakfast out to thaw. It is very easy to forget to do that and then morning comes along and we have a frozen solid lump of meat. So there I am, out for a walk, remembering I need to thaw the next meal,  with no way to write myself a note. I didn't have my cell phone either so I couldn't set an alarm or type a reminder either. Knowing myself, it was almost certain I would forget again before I got home (darn those middle age brains!).

So how does one set up a reminder in this situation? I thought about the old "tie a string around your finger" trick......

 But alas, I didn't have any string with me either. Why would I?.......Then it occurred to me!

I have plenty of poop bags (clean empty ones, of course!) tucked into my pockets.......

It did the trick! When I got home, I ran downstairs to the freezer and got the food out to thaw!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Black and White Sunday: Chair in the Middle of Nowhere!

Out for a walk the other day, we came across this plastic chair out in the woods. It was sitting by one of the streams Jimmy likes to cool off in, starkly lit by a bright pool of sunlight. The chair was a dull and faded shade of light green, but the harsh sunlight made it almost glow. While not much of a shot in color, I think it makes a fun black and white picture for today!

Friday, August 28, 2015

And Now It's Jimmy's Turn!!

For the last couple of posts it seems I've been bragging on Wilson, what with him earning an award and getting his picture in a 2016 calendar. Well now it is time for a Jimmy brag! (Am I coming across as a pompous arse? Hopefully not!) The AKC  (American Kennel Club) runs a report at mid-year to see the rankings of dogs competing in agility. In our case, it is the Preferred ranking. Their listing is sorted by breed, and shows the top five dogs based on a points formula. And guess what?! Jimmy made it onto the list! Woohoo! We made it in just under the wire at # 5! What we lack in double-q consistency, Jimmy makes up by being so speedy, so he achieved enough points to make the list.

I know this is tiny. Click to biggify!
Congratulations to the four Cardis and their owners who came in ahead of us! The full list showing all the breeds can be seen HERE.

Here's Jimmy in all his proud glory:

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

We've Made the Big Time at Last!

Many of you probably saw my post over on FaceBook. I couldn't contain my excitement long enough to write this post!

Long time readers of my blog may remember this post where I showed the photographs taken by professional photographer Dwight Dyke. He came to the agility trial specifically to use the beautiful scenery to capture photos of the many breeds represented. His photos are often accepted into the big name calendars you see in the stores at Christmas time. And guess what???!!! Putzing around on the computer yesterday, it occurred to me to see what the 2016 corgi calendars looked like.....and THERE IT WAS!!!

OMD!!!! There's Wilson soaring over the jump as Mr. March! People all across the country will get to see my boy!!! He's practically famous or will be when this calendar hits the stands! The only thing that could have made this sweeter is if I had taken that photo myself!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What a Wonderful Worker Wilson is on Wordy Wednesday!

Today's Wordless Wednesday post is one that requires a bit of explanation, so really this is Wordy Wednesday this week.

If you read my blog often enough, you know that I like to compete in AKC events such as Agility and Rally with my Cardigan Welsh Corgis. As with most breeds, there is a national club that supports and promotes Cardigans. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America has an awards program for recognizing members of the breed that have demonstrated their intelligence, biddability and team work. Back in July, I had a Weekend Report where I reported on Wilson earning the very last point he needed to qualify for this award. A few days back, after the AKC updated their results data, and I submitted the forms to the club, we received our formal certificate in the mail. Wilson earned titles in Agility, Herding, and Rally Obedience to show what a versatile working dog he is! I am proud of this sweet old man!

PS Jimmy earned his back in 2012!

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