Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wilson Was Whipple! and Wilson is Whipple! on Wordy Wednesday

Today's post is too cryptic to let it go as Wordless, so today I give you a Wordy Wednesday!

First and foremost, I'd like to give credit for today's inspiration. In last week's Wimple installment,  a comment from Chasing Dog Tales mentioned Wilson could have a new nickname, Mr. Wimple. Well it was only a very short jump to that old advertisement from the 60's and 70's (I of course remember the 70's version, not possibly the 60's version. LOL)  where Mr.Whipple was admonishing his customers to please not squeeze the Charmin. Well, guess what I discovered as I did a little homework for today's post??? In real life, Mr.Whipple was Mr.Wilson !!!! His name was Dick Wilson . How wonderful is that coincidence for my blog theme?!

Mr.Whipple...err...Mr.Wilson, exhausted from Squeezing the Charmin!

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Weekend Report: Odd Mistakes

Jimmy and I had another weekend of agility. This one was given by the Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club. Unfortunately, I must report that we were largely unsuccessful. It only takes one mistake to be disqualified, and that's what we had. They were weird ones as well.

On Saturday we started with Standard. The course wasn't too difficult, just a couple of places where you needed to pay attention. We were off to a great start, made it through the 7, 8, and 9 turns and Jimmy ran right past the teeter. Ordinarily I talk as little as possible to Jimmy. I don't tell him to jump or go in a tunnel, etc. unless it is not at all obvious. He is expected to seek and take the next obstacle, so I never said teeter. I don't know whether its location made it somewhat less visible to his doggy vision, or if I was out of position to a degree that made him doubt it was next. Who knows, but he ran past and we were disqualified. He finished the rest of the course nicely.

The Jumpers run had one real challenge, a backside jump at #4. Almost all of us handled it just fine. The judge did point it out in her pre-class briefing that AKC is really encouraging judges to put in those kinds of challenges more often. AKC wants all of us to get used to tougher stuff as they get ready to roll out their new Premier class which will have a much more international (read that as harder) flair. So listen up agility peeps, if you don't have a good backside jump command now is the time to train one! I've good a pretty good "around back" and I definitely practiced it several times on the warm-up jump! You can see it in the video:

Jimmy did a beautiful, speedy job with this course and was rewarded with 1st place and 21 speed points. That's a good points tally in Jumpers!

Sunday again started with Standard, and an old issue reared its ugly head. Jimmy did not get on the table on his first approach. That is considered a refusal and we were disqualified. Not sure what was going on, but I hope and pray that won't be repeated!

Here's a look at it:

The Jumpers run wasn't too difficult and was actually set up for a nice speedy course. The weave poles were at #5, and for whatever reason, Jimmy popped out a pole too soon. It may have been that I started my turn too soon, or that he was distracted by a nearby off-course jump (it was much closer than the maps made it look!), but whatever it was, Jimmy will be working on completing ALL 12 poles independently of where I am. He did not get to complete the course. I walked him off the course, also known as the walk of shame. Getting to continue would have rewarded his pre-mature weaving exit.

So all in all, a rather disappointing weekend. I do try to remind myself it is just a game and to not take things so seriously, but occasionally I let it get to me. I need to work on keeping a better attitude! Shame on me, Jimmy deserves better!



Tracking Jimmy's PACH progress:
Very 1st Double-Q: Saturday 06/21/2014
Masters JWW legs: 14...MJP Title 01/25/15
Masters STD legs: 16...MXP Title!10/24/14
Double Q's: 9
PACH Points: 699

AKC Nationals 2016:
Double-Q's: 2 (out of 5 needed)
Points: 181 (out of 600 needed)....
Masters Legs: 8 (out of 20 needed)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wilson Wore a Wimple on Wordless Wednesday?

I learned a new word while reading a Dean Koontz novel last night. He's quite the dog lover so I am sure he would be pleased to know he inspired another episode of Wilson's WW!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Remember Back When You Were a Little Kid And........ would take a day trip somewhere with your parents? It would be a big, exciting event to visit relatives or family friends. You would run around and play all day, probably eat lots of treats, and just have a grand old time. Your parents would stay into the evening and sometime after dinner they would start the drive home. You'd be in the back seat, maybe curled up with a sibling, and soon be fast asleep. The next thing you'd know, it would be morning, you'd be in your own bed and you would have no memory of how you got there. You were so deeply sound asleep when you arrived at home that your parents were able to carry you all the way inside and put you in bed. You never even woke up!

Well we can do that with Jimmy. He'll fall so deeply asleep at the end of a long day that we can pick him up, carry him upstairs, and plop him on the bed. He will barely crack an eye, just laying his head down on John's shoulder and continue snoozing on the ride up the steps. I have tried on several occasions to get a photo of this cutest of little behaviors but just like Wilson's rug wiggle, Jimmy does not want this caught on camera! He always senses I've got the camera, and won't relax back into his sleep. No camera, it's nothing but ZZZZZZZZZZs.

I've wanted to tell this story for a while, but  could never capture the moment. So I give up! Here's the best I could do.......

Jimmy: MUST.STAY.AWAKE. Can't be caught snoozing on camera!

Friday, April 10, 2015

He Always Makes Me Laugh!

Back in February, I posted about the continuing saga of Wilson and his rug rolling habit. It is a story that continues to amuse me, or in this case, it made me laugh out loud! Wilson (and Cardigans in general) are such silly souls. I walked into the office and was greeted with this scene......

Wilson must have been flopping like a fish out of water to take down the ship's wheel ( I bet there could have been a Wordless Wednesday from this.....Wilson's Wiggle Wapped the Wheel.) He made my day with his odd little habit!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!
I hope it is filled with lots of laughs!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Weekend Report: When Good Agility Goes Bad

This past Friday and Saturday was an agility trial at one of our usual indoor locations. I have to say, the courses on Friday, especially Jumpers, were some of the trickiest I've run in a while. Here are the maps and then I'll say why.....

Our first run of the day was Standard, the map on the left. For the most part 1 through 10 was pretty routine. Even the weave pole entry after the chute wasn't too bad, but it was the line after the weaves that took out lots of competitors, including Jimmy and me. 12, 13, 14 and 15 were all angled just oddly enough that it was hard to be where you needed to be to get your dog over the right jump and not miss any. I pretty much trampled poor Jimmy. You can see it in the video.

Jumpers (map on the right) was just plain tough. The 20 inch jump class has the most dogs in it usually and of this large group only TWO were successful. The success rate went up a tiny bit with the smaller dogs, but not for us. We were good until # 12 when Jimmy jumped it correctly the first time but turned right around and back jumped it. My poor handling of course, but it got worse from there. Look at  13 to 14....they jump 13 almost directly into the wrong end of the tunnel and sure enough Jimmy went in the wrong end. Now look at # 15. It's not the side of the jump facing the tunnel exit, but the backside of that jump bar! Holy Moly! While we do practice this in class, Jimmy sailed out of the tunnel (and the wrong end) so fast he was over that jump before I could call him to the back side. At that point my brain was addled and I walked us off.

I've got video of what was very definitely not my finest moments in agility. Don't let it be said I only share the  stuff that makes me look good. These two runs show a clutzy mess. Poor Jimmy deserves better!



But let me add one more comment on Friday. Normally I would have been at work for eight hours, so a day of botched agility courses is still WAY more fun than a day spent working!

Saturday, the courses were much more doable. I don't have the map for Standard as they were all gone by the time I got there. It had a couple of tricky spots but nothing like Friday. My confidence had taken a bit of a beating so I wasn't sure how we would do, but we made it through and managed to redeem ourselves, earning 2nd place!

Jumpers was not bad at all and set up to make you really RUN! Here's the map:

Jimmy hauled through this course! I was really huffing and puffing afterwards. He was fast enough to earn us 1st place!

The fun part about the ribbons is..... a good friend runs Pembroke Corgis (the Queen's corgis)...she just recently moved her girl Twist down to the 8 inch class Jimmy runs in. Twist is every bit as speedy as Jimmy so it's always a guess as to which one will beat the other's time. So in the Standard run, Twist beat Jimmy by about 1/2 of a second, a very close match, earning the 1st place ribbon! Then in Jumpers, Jimmy really turned on the afterburners and beat Twist by about 2 seconds, earning 1st and Twist earning 2nd. Our dogs are very evenly matched in speed so it makes for a fun competition. But I must say, my friend is a MUCH better handler! Those rough courses on Friday? Yea, she and her dogs were successful on both of those!

Tracking Jimmy's PACH progress:
Very 1st Double-Q: Saturday 06/21/2014
Masters JWW legs: 13...MJP Title 01/25/15
Masters STD legs: 16...MXP Title!10/24/14
Double Q's: 9
PACH Points: 678

AKC Nationals 2016:
Double-Q's: 2 (out of 5 needed)
Points: 160 (out of 600 needed)....
Masters Legs: 7 (out of 20 needed)
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