Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Weekend Report: MACH Try #3

This weekend was the Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club agility trial. I only signed up for Saturday, reserving Sunday for the Easter festivities. As I've mentioned before, every trial from here on out is a try at earning our MACH (Master Agility CHampion) title. This weekend was our third attempt at getting double-Q #20. Alas, it was not meant to be quite yet. The day started with Standard. It was a tricky and tight course. I could feel I was a bit more nervous than usual as is common when you are sitting on the edge of your MACH. Maybe my edginess is what affected Jimmy. He made a very rare weave pole error, pulling out a pole too soon. I can't tell looking at the video if I started to pull away a step too soon or if Jimmy was just distracted. I made him do the weaves again to get it right and he almost pulled out a second time. He looked at something outside of the ring so maybe something was messing with his focus. He also missed the table, instead heading for the further away tunnel/dogwalk combo. I never said "table!", so that one is on me! There was a very tricky part from the dog walk on, and Jimmy aced that! Also, he kept all the bars up, even with the course ending on a triple to a double!

Here's our run....

Of course NQing on the first run of the day means no chance for a QQ this day. All my jitters eased away. The Jumpers run a couple of hours later wasn't too bad. It had one very tricky spot that messed up a lot of dogs. We made it through OK and qualified! Jimmy was quite speedy and came in in 6th place. That doesn't earn us a placement ribbon but it is VERY respectable on a Jumpers course! No video for this one. In hind sight, since Jimmy did such a nice job, I wish I had asked someone to run the camera.

I have another day of agility next Saturday and then nothing for a long time. If we aren't successful next weekend, I'll have lots of time to try and get the limp out of my stride!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Mischief: Wait for Me!

Sometimes Jimmy can have selective hearing when it comes to recalls. If he's busy doing something he wants to do, he's very good at pretending not to hear me. But one thing always works...I start to walk away, Wilson with me, and then call to him "Bye-bye, Jimmy, I'm leaving!" His head snaps up, he drops what he's doing and comes running. He does not want to be left behind!

Here he is, full speed ahead.......

We had a gorgeous, sunny, and very warm weekend. Jim is sopping wet in the photo!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Black and White Sunday: My Daffy Boy

Wilson is my go-to dog when I need a posed photo. He just seems to get it. He lets me place him and then looks into the lens with no hesitation. Jimmy has recently started to catch on and hops up to strike the same pose Wilson just held. He still prefers not to look into the lens, but maybe that comes next. Here he is imitating Wilson's most recent Wordless Wednesday .

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