Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Popular Mailbox

When we are just walking the neighborhood sidewalks, we often pass what is obviously a very popular p-mail box for all the local dogs!

What gives it away, do you think?

Monday, July 18, 2016

River Rats

Saturday we took the boys out for their favorite summer activity: swimming! Other than eating, I doubt there is anything they like more. In the past, I've posted lots of photos of them enjoying the river, so I thought I would entertain you with videos this time.

These videos were taken about fifteen minutes from my house at a large regional park called Algonkian. It is spread out along the upper Potomac River and has a boat launch. We put our jetski in the water there and then ride the boys out to one of the several islands that are in the middle of the river. That way they can run free (when they aren't swimming!) and there are no worries about being off leash. This time of year, this part of the Potomac gets very shallow, but it doesn't take much water for corgis to swim. Despite being shallow, the river still has a strong current so we kept the boys' life vests on. That way they could use less energy fighting the current, and have more energy to swim.

Here are both boys:

Here's Wilson. I love watching those little back feet kick!

And now Jimmy:

And one final video of both boys:

Wilson may be thirteen, but when it comes to swimming, he gives it his all. He lasted a couple of hours before he started sitting more than swimming. Jimmy was still raring to go, but it's never good to over do. The water was actually quite warm, so not all that refreshing on a hot day. And of course swimming in the river means a bath when we get home! That is very traumatic for both of them. LOL!

Friday, July 15, 2016

It's Still HOT!!!!

We are continuing to have a hot and humid stretch of weather. If you aren't in water, then you don't want to be outside! Jimmy says "No problem!"

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Where It All Began Six Years Ago!

No! Not my blogiversary (I actually completely missed the 7 year mark back in June!)....but the date of my very first Wordless Wednesday! I was looking at my blog yesterday, and the little "You might also like" widget at the end of each of my posts showed this:

There's Wilson, howling away. It made me curious as to what year that was so I clicked on through and was surprised to see it had been so long! My very first Wordless Wednesday was posted on July 14th, 2010. I had only been blogging for about a year at that point. Who knew it would turn into a long-running feature on my blog. I've actually missed very few Wednesdays over all those years. Hopefully I'll keep it going a few more years! Good thing I didn't post it for Jimmy. "J"s are a whole lot harder to fit into alliteration!

Which Wilson's Wordless Wednesday is your favorite?
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