Wednesday, December 17, 2014

While Wilson Wondered What Wattles Were, He Worried When the Wooster Would Wage War on Wordless Wednesday

I know this is supposed to be wordless today, but I can't resist giving a bit of back story.....

I live in full-on suburbia, getting more and more crowded as every little patch of trees falls to the developers. But, there are a few holders-on to the old ways, those rare folks who have refused to sell their land. About a half a mile west of me is one such homestead. They have horses, a barn, other out buildings, a turn-of-the-century house (1800s!) and, oh, yeah, chickens! The property backs right up to the WOand D trail I've mentioned in many posts, so we walk past their yard occasionally. Last Friday was one such day. On our way west, all was quiet in their yard. On our return trip maybe thirty minutes later, I could hear a rooster crowing as we neared the place. I spotted the whole flock of chickens off in the distance, probably just released from their coop. As we continue heading east toward home, the rooster spots us, well, the dogs really. He starts heading in our direction, slowly at first, then at a trot. He's not in the least bit scared of the dogs, for that matter, he's all set to give them what for! Sensing a photo-op, I tied Jimmy to a tree and got my camera ready to go. Wilson wasn't too sure about this large bird heading his direction. As you can tell by the tension on the leash as well as Wilson's ear set, he was poised to get the hell out! Jimmy, on the other hand, was screaming his fool head off. The rooster wasn't backing down in the least and discretion being the better part of valor, we retreated quickly, Wilson took no urging, Jimmy had to be dragged away. Roosters can be very mean and I didn't want anybody's eyes gouged out in the quest for a WW post!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Rapt Attention

In keeping with Tuesday's smoothie theme, here is what Jimmy looks like while I enjoy my breakfast.

Two laser beams boring into my glass!

And when his stare failed to hypnotize me into giving him the last of my smoothie, the screaming started.....


Have a great weekend, Everyone!!!!
I hope you get to have your smoothie and drink it, too!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sometimes You Just Can't Catch It On Camera!

When you live with dogs, there are often moments that catch you off guard, warm your heart, or bring a smile to your face. They are things you wish you could capture on camera, but the fleeting moment is gone before you know it. The other morning had one such occurrence.

I've mentioned before how much the boys love my breakfast smoothies. LOVE them! So the other morning, Wilson decided to sleep in. I think he's sleeping a bit deeper as he's aging, or maybe his hearing isn't quite as sharp. Whatever be the case, Jimmy and I were down in the kitchen. I went about gathering all the ingredients needed for the blender. Opening and closing the fridge and various drawers still didn't draw Wilson downstairs. Now my blender is a Vitamix, and this baby boasts a 2 horse power motor! While great at chopping anything you throw at it, it is also quite noisy. Because of this, and because John was still sound asleep upstairs, I carried the filled contraption outside into the (attached) garage to help dim the roar of the engine. (Yea, I'm considerate like that. LOL!)  I run it for at least a full minute, probably more, to be sure everything is pulverized. I open the door from the garage to the kitchen, and there is Wilson, crammed against the door with a panicked look on his face. It was so easy to read his mind at that moment: "Holy Shit! Tell me I didn't sleep through the smoothie! No! I didn't miss it, did I???!!" I so wish I could have caught that look on camera. The widened eyes, the imploring look....and then the relief at seeing the full pitcher in my hands. I guess it will just have to be enjoyed from my memory banks.

I don't like to leave a post un-illustrated, and while I can never show you Wilson's expression, I can show you what "Want" looks like in a dog's eye.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday Mischief: Holiday Photo Shoot

Nothing spells mischief to Jimmy and Wilson like the holiday photo shoot! There's lots of manhandling to position them just so, sometimes they have to wear embarrassing holiday head gear, and emotions run high that one or the other of them is getting more treats. They are very thankful this torture happens just once a year!

I didn't get as many successful shots as I'd have liked. I was using my "Nifty Fifty" 50mm prime lens. It gives the most awesome bokeh but the focal length is very specific and I ended up with many out of focus shots. Here are a few that worked out (or nearly did....)

Posing with my favorite Christmas character......

And his heart grew two sizes that day!


 I love Wilson's glare in this next one. You can almost see him frowning.  He's trying to let me know he doesn't like being placed so close to Mr. Intense.  He fears for his life, well, at least for his cookie.

Feeling a bit safer now, but still taking the whole modelling gig a bit too seriously......

I had fun with this lens, so the holiday photo torture may well have a Part 2! My poor suffering boys....

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Photo Dump!

Yesterday, I posted just one of a bunch a photographs that were taken in Reva, Virginia by professional photographer Dwight Dyke back in October. His camera captures the boys with such a larger than life feel. Here are all the shots, whether good or, in Jimmy's case, often derpy. Wilson took the modeling job a tad seriously it seems. Which one is your favorite?

The copy right for these pictures is held by the photographer. They may not be copy/used without his permission.
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