Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Mischief: Blogging Break!

I'm fresh out of photos! The  wintry weather has taken its toll on my photo adventures. I had a really fun event planned for yesterday and we woke to an ice storm. Risking life, limb and car fenders for a bit of doggy fun isn't a good idea so we cancelled. SIGH!

So this leaves me at a good spot to take a few days off and not worry about coming up with any posts.

I thought I would leave you with a little brain teaser....How does this photo relate to my blog?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jim's a Real Swinger!

What were you expecting?

Swings blowing in a strong breeze are another of those moving objects that trigger Jimmy's need to control motion. Woe be the butt that sits in that seat. Jimmy will try to stop the swing any way he can, and it usually involves teeth!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Mischief: Sledding and Herding Dogs Don't Mix!

This past Saturday we had a pretty big snow storm. I'd say we got at least ten inches of light fluffy snow. As the day wore on however, the temperatures rose and the snow was topped with a bit of ice and rain. It made for some perfect packing snow that makes sledding conditions great.

Now Jimmy and Wilson are herding dogs, and as such, their instincts demand that they control motion that they see around themselves. Ideally it would be sheep or cattle, but in a pinch anything might trigger the urge to chase and herd. Sledding is very high on that list! Both boys go batshit crazy nutso at the sight of sledders. They are NOT allowed around children and sleds! It's just not a safe situation.

But, when we have the hill to ourselves,  we know what to expect (sort of) and can let the boys have some over the top fun on the hills.....And just so I set the scene just right, this is accompanied by a whole lot of BARKING!!!!!!!!

Jimmy is already trying to wrestle control of the sled from John.

It becomes a game of tug-o-war just to get the sled on the ground.

Both guys try to bite the sled and bring it to a stop.

Jimmy does his best to take the sled and also avoid getting run over.

Jimmy says:  I told him that sled was mine! He didn't listen, so I dumped his ass!
No worries, there was no one hurt in the making of this post, dog or human. I did hear a bunch of cracking plastic so the sled might be a bit worse for wear thanks to Jimmy's steel jaws!
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