Thursday, March 1, 2018

14 Weeks!

Here are a few shots of Cedar from this week. He turned 14 weeks on Monday.....Hard to believe we are in the fifth week of living with this little guy already!

And then we have Cedar under a Cedar!

Juniperus virginiana with Canis virginiana

And finally....Cedar's first time seeing the agility tunnel close up. In the very first five minutes, he was running through it with no effort or thought at all!


  1. His ears are adorable! They look bigger than him. It looks like you have a natural agility dog on your hands. The fact that he'd keep coming through the tunnel even with your camera pointed at him speaks volumes!

  2. Ears up! I miss the folded over baby ears, though.

  3. We think you have another agility partner there. Can't believe it has been five weeks, already. Such a gorgeous boy.

  4. Ears up! He's growing so fast. Looks like a future agility star.

  5. Ears up (without the aid of blue painters tape), a clever take on Jackie’s plant/tree word play, and a great first run thru the tunnel! What a fun post! Reggie would love joining Cedar in a game of chase thru that tunnel.


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