Monday, June 26, 2017 Catch of the Day!

This month I chose a fish treat for dogs made by Plato Pet Treats as my product for review. #ChewyInfluencer

The treats are called Hundur's Crunch and they are made from 100% fish skin. That's it! Nothing else!

These are healthy treats that give your dog a good protein boost!

I let Jimmy trying a little fishing game for his part in this review......He loves to swim!

Something is swimming in the pool!

I think he likes that they are all natural!



Once we had our fresh catch, the boys did a little taste testing. I'll let these pictures do the talking....

Are these not the faces of happy dogs?!!!

Now, of course, I did NOT taste test these treats myself! But I can tell you they do have a strong fishy smell that is wonderful to the dogs, but you probably won't want to drop one in your pocket. They are called Jerky Fingers and that is a pretty accurate description of their size, about as long as your index finger but rectangular.

They are very crunchy and don't easily break into smaller pieces without the help of strong canine teeth! They are crispy and not chewy so my dogs crunched them up in five or six bites. My dogs adored these Hundur's Crunch treats and I will definitely buy them more in the future!

Now for my disclaimer:
I was not compensated in any way, other than to receive this product at no charge for my honest review. is not at all responsible for the content of this post. The opinions expressed are purely my own and those of my dogs! Thank you Chewy for letting my dogs try these treats!


  1. OMD, Ma just gagged reading this most FABulous review! You knows that I haven't had fishy treaties in YEARS??!!! Ma has a 'sensitive' snooter, and says that unless I wants her to upchuck on my treats, it's best to leave them be. Can I come overs to your place??? I PROMISE I won't eats the whole bag....☺
    You lucky doggies you....
    Ruby ♥

  2. Those sound fabulous!!!! Our dogs love fish treats more than any other kind!

  3. You've sold us...though we can't get those here. Everyone reviewing these has reminded her to order some of our favourite fishy thanks.

  4. My local Agway carries these, and my guys LOVE them. They also make them in little cubes, and also like a disc shape. And yes, they are smelly, but you will be surprised how much that motivates a dog. ;-)

  5. OMD, those pics are so cute! We get Rita Beams from Honest Kitchen, which are also just fish skin and she loves them. Will have to remember to check these out. We like that Plato brand. (Rita has a bag of their "Thinkers" in the pantry right now.)


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