Saturday, May 13, 2017

The 2017 CWCCA National Specialty Finale

I'm down to my last few thoughts I want to record for the National Specialty before I move on....

On Tuesday night, after the two days of Herding,  after the day of Agility, as well as the day of Rally and Regular Obedience, we all got together for what's called the Performance dinner. This is where we talk about how those events went, congratulate the winners, etc.

The club also hands out awards for big titles earned since the last National. Shortly after the 2016 National (or maybe on the same weekend), Jimmy earned his PACH title . This is a championship title so we were given a very pretty plaque to commemorate the occasion. The club takes its working Cardis seriously! LOL!  I have one for my MACH title as well, but I wasn't there for the fun of getting it in person.

This is even prettier in person!

Next up, there is the vendors! The Specialty always attracts good vendors. I've written about how I love bling before. I especially love the silver work of B. Braumuller. I have several pieces of her gorgeous hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry. I had absolutely no intention of buying anything new this time. I have several pieces already and my budget is rather bloated right now.

That is, until I saw this piece.....

It could not be more perfect!

Now understanding why this is so special takes either a long-term reader of this blog who has a great memory, or someone who remembers the movie Castaway!

Wilson's registered name is Caduceus Castaway Wilson followed by all his titles. Yes, we named him after the soccer ball in Tom Hank's movie Castaway! We had a long drive to/from Kentucky to get Wilson and spent the time trying on names. We had recently watched the movie and since we get a little nutty about our dogs like Tom Hank's did about his only "friend" on the deserted island, we thought the name was a perfect fit! Plus Wilson's sire's name is Winsome Wilson really is Will's son!

So when I saw this pendant, my heart just skipped a few beats! It could not be more special especially since it is such an unusual piece. I would never expect to find something like this without a special order! The artist commented it was her favorite piece for this show and she knew it would speak to someone! Boy, was she ever right!

Moving on......The club always holds a photo contest and I always enter. Some years I fare better than others! I entered five shots this year, and only one was selected as a winner. This beach shot was entered in the Portrait category and earned 2nd place. I don't have the ribbon yet, but here is the picture. (You've seen it before maybe....)

I stayed at the host hotel, the Sawmill Creek Resort. I shared a room with Jimmy's breeder Anne (Thanks, Anne!). I was a bit nervous about Jimmy sharing the space with other dogs. He can be a bit snarky and I certainly didn't want any fights. Well, there was certainly no need to worry. He was in love with both of Anne's girls!

This is an awful cell phone shot but
 you can see who Jimmy chose to hang out with!

Two heads are better than one!

No worries! Wilson made friends too.
The beautiful brindles hanging together.

Jimmy's favorite spot. Perfect corgi shape and size!

The very last time I attended one of these National Specialty, it was at the same place. Funny thing is the weather was exactly the same. Cold, rainy, and windy, with one nice day mixed in. I got almost the same picture again! LOL! This time a bit closer up.....

Here are Anne's pretty girls. I've never had a female Cardi, I'm a male dog kind of gal, but I would have taken either one of these beauties home with me in a heartbeat!!!

I am pretty sure I have covered all the topics I wanted to report on. I truly had a grand time! I am going to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the CWCCA who worked so hard to pull this show together. I know it must be an immense task. And the very next day after this one ends, everyone is hard at work on the next one! THANK YOU!


  1. That WAS a perfect piece of jewelry for you and Jimmy! So glad you were able to come and receive your award in person. Yes, indeedy, we celebrate all facets of our chosen breed! Love, love, LOVE smart dogs! Congratulations!

  2. That is all so amazing, and how cool for you guys. And yes, that pendant is so perfect!

  3. Congrats on everything. Beautiful photos!

  4. They are both such ladies men :)

  5. I love the necklace and based upon your story, I can see how it is just perfect for you.

    Also, congrats. You and Jimmy have done a great job.


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