Monday, January 18, 2016

When It Comes to Food, You Can't Stump a Corgi!!!!

First and foremost, did you like my subtle little pun in the title? Stump a corgi? They are already stumpy, so of course you can't stump them!

This is my review for January. I chose the Outward Hound Kibble Drop food puzzle. Now that winter weather has hit, I figured the boys would enjoy a brain-teaser for indoor activity. Since it involves food, I knew it would be an instant hit!

This is a light weight plastic puzzle with four sloping  "legs" that have little flaps at the bottom. There is a hole at the top where you drop small kibble treats in and they randomly roll down into one of the legs. Your dog should then sniff out where the kibble went and flip up the flap to get at the kibble.

The feet bottoms have plastic grippers to help stablize the puzzle......

I let Jimmy and Wilson have separate sessions with this toy for ease of learning as well as safety. Food and an exciting new toy together can make Jimmy a bit possessive so I wanted to be sure there were no issues.

I let Jimmy go first. I gave him a very brief introduction to the toy. I showed him how the flaps flipped up, put one kibble in, opened the flap for him to get it and that was it. So maybe a one minute intro.....

I'm a terrible videographer....sorry about that....

You can see by the end of his first test, he had figured out a short cut to the food. Why flip the flaps when you can just dump the whole toy?

His second try was a bit prettier......

Now with Wilson, I did no introduction at all. This video shows him seeing it for the first time.

As you can see, he figured out the shortcut as well. Wilson took a break and then tried a second time. He went straight for the whole flip and got all the kibbles at once.

Now there's no doubt corgis are very food motivated and they also rate high on the intelligence scale, but I do believe this puzzle is rather easy to figure out. Cheating results in a jackpot so cheating it is! I suppose you could hold it down while they play and prevent the total flip. Also, maybe a tiny dog wouldn't flip it?

All in all, I had a lot of fun trying out this puzzle. I know the boys did because it involved food!

My recommendation would be to never leave your dog alone with this puzzle. The plastic is soft enough it would be very easy to chew into pieces, especially the flaps. I think this is a supervised play and then put away toy. It's always best to think safety first!  If you want to try it out, at this writing it is on sale! It is an inexpensive puzzle, even at full price!

And of course, my disclaimer. provided me this toy free of charge for an honest review. I was not compensated otherwise. The opinions are all mine and those of my dogs!

New this month, the reviews will be rolled into a blog hop for ease of location. It will be hosted the 3rd Tuesday of each month by Golden Woofs and Oz the Terrier.


  1. SHE says if it's easy to figure out it probably would take us a long time. We prefer to have our kibble and treats served! We're never hungry enough to work at a puzzle....However, we have been known to work for ages to get something that fell under the couch.

  2. Awesome. We need that toy
    Lily & Edward

  3. LOL I can see Torrey doing the same thing. Maybe you need to glue it to a board. Looks like a fun toy.

  4. Good job that they figured out flipping it has the same result only quicker!! Also, I have just realized there's nothing more adorable than stubby Corgi legs!!

  5. Wr tried this toy, too! Nola would just lift one of the legs up and slam it down to bounce the treats out. Great review!

  6. No doubt, a Lab would flip the toy and get the jackpot. They are SO food-motivated! But it did look like you had fun!

  7. OMD loves the videos!!! And I was thinkin' the same thingie...I loves tossing and throwing EVERYTHING, so that would have been my furst strategy! BOL!
    Great review!
    Ruby ♥

  8. We are reviewing this same toy. I hope that my boys can figure it out while I"m videoing it. Yours did very good!

  9. Hehe, you fellas are so smart...well done you two, nothing gets between you and your foodables
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. I love my puzzle toys but sometimes I just have no patience and do the exact same thing: dump the whole toy so everything comes out easy. BOL

  11. A great review the boys had for this toy! We love treat puzzles.

  12. Great review, I didn't try it with the adult dogs as I thought they would flip it too and destroy it but it worked great for preacher.

  13. I loved how they both approached it differently. Wilson reminds me of Sampson, very laid back. Sampson would try the toy and then lay down and wait for me to help.

    Delilah would totally flip the toy or chew it into pieces. I could never leave her alone with it. LOL

  14. Treat toys - something I really wished the Boys would have some interest in, but they don't. Harley won't bother and Jax gets so frustrated he goes the other way. #oneday #enjoy


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