Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Taking Gross to a Whole New Level

Last year, I posted about a great treat for dogs....Dry Roasted Duck Feet. While we were down at the beach, I came across a dog specialty store I had never been to before. On their treat shelf, they had something similar, yet somehow even grosser. Maybe it was due to the scale. These things were big! What were they you might ask?

Dried turkey legs.......

Lovely, right?

They really were pretty similar to the duck feet, just the leg portion was much thicker. The boys were just as interested in them. They looked messy, so I put the boys out on our balcony for their treat.

Look at the size of that thing!!!

Jimmy dug right in. It took a bit more effort to chew these up than with the duck feet. I always supervise when I give treats like this, and the leg portion seemed to splinter into toothpick shaped slivers. I really didn't like that about them. The slivers were stiff/pointy enough I was a tad concerned. I gathered up as many as I could just to be safe. I did let the boys finish. The toes didn't splinter at all so no worries there. Call me paranoid, but I fed the boys each a big handful of kibble afterwards to help pad any of those little slivers.

Did the guys like their turkey legs? You'd better believe it!
Would I buy them again? No way! Those slivers were too worrisome for me.
Did I see any issues later? Nope, not a bit. Thank doG!
So why did I post about them? Just can't pass up good blog fodder!


  1. It's so difficult to find a treat that dogs enjoy and is not packed full of sugars, calories, is gross or can do them harm. Thanks for a great post on turkey legs and I think I'll follow your advice, if you won't buy them again. neither will I
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Chinese restaurants often have chicken feet on the menu (at least on the Chinese menu). Their texture is actually kind of gummy and rubbery, they don't splinter like the turkey feet you talked about.

    Maybe if you want to give Jimmie and Wilson a real treat, you'll order some carry-out the next time you find an authentic Chinese restaurant. :)

  3. I was wondering if they splintered, thank you for posting your observations with this dog treat. I've always heard that dogs can't have bird bones-chicken legs and stuff so that companies are now selling dried duck and turkey legs is surprising to me. Maybe it's an old myth :). I guess coyotes eat that kind of stuff all the time...

  4. We will never taste that or anything similar in this lifetime
    Lily & Edward

  5. Oh creepy. I'm not sure I could stand seeing our pups eat them.

    Monty and Harlow

  6. Well they sure are creepy but also not sure about the splinters. Our vet swears by all kinds of bird legs but raw and he says they are great for the teeth. No way here as no doubt will find one buried in the bed. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. We would definitely stay away from anything that splinters. However there is nothing too gross for my dogs to eat.

  8. It's good to know about the splinters. We'll stay away from those.....but we dogs think they look fangtastic.

  9. Crikey .... they look good to me but Mum won't give me any dried bones. She worries about those splinter things too. I have fresh chook necks and legs and wings and carcasses and ... well ..... anything from a chook I guess as long as it's raw. I have raw chook EVERY day. I love it and my Vet says it's the best food of all.

  10. Whoa, that's an interesting treat. Actually, yucky would be a better word!

    I can't find your email address but I just found another website that is stealing photos from Blogger blogs, and yours are unfortunately featured. (http://alllifestyle.org/a-tail-of-two-cardis-black-and-white-sunday-waiting-for-his.html). You'll see a bunch of your photos. If you click on any of the smaller ones, a new array appears. Oh my. I'd be glad to help if you don't know about how to do a "DMCA Takedown Notice". I'm kynabear5 at gm***.

  11. Oh gosh, those are a horror! Thought they were chicken feet, from a big footed chicken! (I find the chicken feet more gross than duck feet due to those articulated toes! You'll have to stop by my blog today...)


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