Friday, January 18, 2013

A Rat Tale

Here's a little illustrated story about Wilson.....

First some background info.....

I picked up Wilson as a 14 week old pup at a big dog show in Lexington, KY. We drove about 10 hours and met up with Marla at the motel most of the people were staying at. After such a long drive, we of course spent the night. We went out to dinner with a bunch of Cardi-folk and Wilson spent the night in our room. I guess we met with Marla's approval and we were allowed to take Wilson home the next day. She taped up his ears, and said, "Here, take this, it's his rat. He loves it." His "rat" was actually a Kong brand small squirrel stuffie that had been well loved, chewed, and soiled. But, forever after, we called it his Rat. We've gone through several iterations of the Rat as they've worn out and gotten just too gross. Wilson is delighted every time we present him with a new one. He has a little dance he likes to do that we call "the bucking bronco". It is exactly what it sounds like, he bucks back and forth like a horse, all the while wagging his tail furiously. Pure joy and glee! Well, he got a new Rat for Christmas this year and that makes Jimmy mad! This is the one toy Wilson will defend fiercely and we are watchful lest it turns into a real fight.

Yesterday, we were playing indoor fetch, and Wilson wanted to use the Rat instead of his usual Cuz. Jimmy was a tad miffed but the game went along OK. When it ended, however, a power struggle ensued. Jimmy wanted that Rat and he wasn't going to take NO! for an answer!

This is mine. Back off!

Read my lips! MINE!
Too bad! I'm taking it!
At this point there was lots of growling going on. I stepped in to settle things down a bit. I took it away from Jimmy and gave it back to the rightful owner.

Ha! Ha! Jimmy! I told you it was mine AND she likes me better! Neener!

Wilson still wasn't comfortable with the situation and ran around trying to hide the Rat from Jimmy. Look at that glaring expression.

Try to take it now, you jackass!

Even with his back up against a wall, Wilson still wasn't pleased, and made a break for it..........

Jimmy: Do you really think you can out run me?! Really!!??
Wilson fled to his favorite perch in the guest bedroom.....

I'll just keep a-hold of this, thank you very much.
At this point, I had other things to go do than act as referee, so I took the rat away from Wilson and put it out of reach on the dresser. Both boys needed a calming time-out. Jimmy had other thoughts........

Just a little higher...almost...almost......
How do you like me now?!

All of about  two seconds later.......

OK, I'm bored with it. What can we do now?

Have a great weekend, Everyone! Hope y'all get to play with your favorite toy!


  1. Oh Jimmy. THe grass is always greener...

  2. OMG--we have a "Rat"! I got it because our old girl has a "thing" for squirrels and her "squirrel" toy was worn out. No one, however, took to the "Rat," so I walked around for months, in the mornings, wearing a bathrobe with the Rat's tail sticking out of the front pocket.

  3. And I meant to add--great photos and a great story!

  4. Peeps that have more than one dog are nodding their heads furiously and chuckling at the same time. Age old story and when they have got it they don't want it. Oh Paw Power you got to love them. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We have declared two areas of the house Monty free zones and Sam keeps his favorite toys there. One is our bed and the other is my studio. It's the only way poor Sam can have any toys with Monty!


  6. Aww, I hope Wilson got his 'rat' back - Perhaps Jimmy won't bother with it again...(no, doubt it somehow) lol.

  7. Part of the enjoyment of having multiple dogs is watching their interactions. It can be quite interesting and funny. Your two are sure playing out a familiar theme.

  8. so typical!! Kind of like how they want outside, then they want inside, outside, goes on and on.

    Dogs are so funny.

  9. Darby has a snake toy, "Mr. Greenbean," that her breeder sent with her. She never takes it out of her sleeping crate, has never chewed on it and can often be seen sleeping with her head on it. Pumpkin desperately wants Mr. Greenbean, even though her breeder sent the same kind of toy -- "Mr. Grape" -- with her. Darby won't fight for Mr. Greenbean if Pumpkin does manage to sneak in and get him, but, I always take him away. Poor Darby wins very few disputes with Pumpkin; I just have to step in on this one!

  10. I swear Jimmy and Rip are long lost brothers. :)

  11. Hehehe, that was a good story mates. Sorry your toy was taken away Wilson. Totally unfair. Butt.... Jimmy are you part Great Dane??? That counter surfing was outstanding. Well done, 5/5! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  12. HILARIOUS!!! My babies don't have favorite toys, but Hunny came back from a Mountain Man weekend bearing a mink. A real, taixdermied mink. The dogs went nuts.

  13. Hm, that must be one fantastic toy! We'll have to check it out. Glad there was no bloodshed!

    Susan and Wrigs

  14. Just like a pair of brothers! Great photos to tell the story! I'm glad that Wilson still has his beloved rat.


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