Thursday, December 1, 2011

OK! My dogs are NOT getting this for Christmas!

I follow a blog called Doctor Grumpy in the House. The guy is a Neurologist, and usually posts about the crazy stuff his patients come up with, anonymously of course.
He can be quite funny at times. Occasionally, he goes off on tangents, but still seeks the humor in odd things. Today, he provides a gift guide for dogs.

Before you even click the link, just let's say this gift is R-rated.

So, without further ado, the gift for the dog that has everything .

I warned you!


  1. I guess it was through your blog that I found Doctor Grumpy, Taryn. Always a good read. Thanks!

    Who comes up with stuff like this product? Yeesh.

  2. As the owner of a well-mannered stud dog (he's never humped anything/one inappropriately), I find this hysterical. Now, ideally, I'd like to see a model that is designed for AI/freezing collection :)

  3. Too funny! Well, it's better than them humping each other!

  4. I don't think even Dewi would hump that. That is just wrong. :)

  5. Oh my...if I'd known about that before Leia went into heat, I'd be tempted to buy it.


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