Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thank You, Penni!

I love technology! It allows me to work from home on Fridays.  Around the lunch hour, I heard the mailman's truck  the sleigh go through our court. The boys raised a bigger ruckus than usual but I didn't pay alot of attention. I was busy with work and didn't want to break my concentration. When I got to a good breaking point, I wandered by the front door and saw a package. And even at a distance, I could see a little Cardigan head on the return label, so I knew Cardi-Claus had made her delivery.

I took the package outside for some nice natural light and here's how it unfolded......

The postal inspector doing his job.

Hurry up! I smell something good in there!

Forced to stop the riffling of the package, and pose, sour faces ensued.

Wilson found his choice item.

Jimmy had a different opinion on whose this was, and snatched it away!

The Motherlode! Thank you, Penni!

This toy spoke to Wilson. He got quite charged up!

Anything that Wilson has, Jimmy takes!

GIVE THAT BACK! It's mine!

Not even sure what was going on here, but it is very symmetrical :-) Click to enlarge.

Wilson won that round!

Jimmy came back to challenge possession once again.

Mine! NO! Mine!

At this point the eye contact, growling, and lip curls got out of hand, and I swooped in to break the tension.

You probably couldn't tell by the photo, but my ornament was from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Health Foundation. Penni generously made a donation in Jimmy's and Wilson's names and we received a nice certificate and ornament. What a wonderful idea! I SO wish I had thought of that for my package! It made for such a meaningful gift and money well-spent. Many, many thanks to Penni at Eylan Cardigans for such a fun and thoughtful box of treasures. The boys will be waiting until Christmas for the the rest of their goodies!


  1. WOW! That's definitely the motherload. Way to score guys! I love that last photo, nice tug-o-war!

  2. What a lovely package!! And making a donation to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Health Foundation in your names is so sweet. I also wish I thought of that! I hope the boys enjoy their goodies!

  3. I had a lot of fun putting the package together. My baddogs were pretty bummed that none of the goodies were for them. They already have grab collars and we keep the LiverLips on hand for every training occasion, but whatever went into the box was waaay better than anything we have here. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Health Foundation is dear to my heart and seemed like a wonderful way to say Merry Christmas to a Cardi friend.

  4. We love your post! What a great package! We also wish we had thought of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Health Foundation. What a great gift!


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