Friday, September 23, 2011


....We have the nerve! to go to a beach without the boys. This beach is right on the South Carolina/North Carolina line. You need a boat to get to it, or take a very, very long walk from a NC beach town further north along the beach.....

Or, as someone did, ride a beach bike.....

It was old and weathered and very photogenic.

No people for miles around....Ahhhh!

So pretty and peaceful

The little rectangle in the water is our jetski.

I love Sea Oats.

Me playing King of the Hill, or in this case Sand Dune.

The beach was covered in Sand Dollars, but since most were broken I just call it Spare Change.
We brought some lunch along which ensured we had friends. Apparently gulls don't eat carrots or peppers. Click to enlarge.

On the ride home, we stopped for a beer at a restaurant on the InterCoastal Waterway. This is what we looked at.

What a view!
Best She-Crab Soup Ever!


  1. Yum! She-crag soup! I took some photos in the San Juan Islands this summer of what I think are sea-oats. I was mesmerized by the way they swayed in the breeze. Great photos, Taryn! You look like an add for the Title 9 catalog!

  2. What beautiful blue and such white sand! The pictures are spectacular!


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