Thursday, September 22, 2011

The New Sky Wheel in Myrtle Beach

Last spring when we visited Myrtle Beach, downtown on the new boardwalk, the very beginnings of a Sky Wheel were in the works. This time, this huge 200 foot high ferris wheel was fully operational. The glass cars hold up to 8 people and are fully air-conditioned. Alas, no pets allowed so no Way-up! pictures of Wilson on the ride.

 Now I do have a little bit of fear of heights, but I wasn't going to let that stop me! I just knew the view would be too great to miss. The wheel is covered in lights and runs through a range of colors and patterns. It's very pretty to watch. Our condo is at least a couple of miles north, but you can still see the wheel all lit up at night if you stand out on the beach.

A view from the 14th St. pier restaurant

Standing right next to it on the boardwalk side.

A view of the main drag from up top!

The reflection of the wheel on a nearby hotel

Looking up at the base as we exited the ride

Down the street a bit as we headed to the car

One final shot from Wilson's WW shoot.


  1. The view is great. I must say I am surprised that the residents of Myrtle Beach permitted it to be built in their collective back yard.


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