Saturday, April 10, 2010


Wilson had his annual physical today. Very unfortunately, the vet found a broken molar. So, Monday morning, poor Mr. Wilson is getting a tooth pulled. He hadn't been chewing funny or acting oddly, so I don't think he's been in pain, but you never know with a corgi.

We're still waiting on bloodwork to finalize the physical so hopefully all of that looks good.

Please send some healing vibes.


  1. Darwin feels Wilson's pain (at least on the broken tooth part). At some point last week, he broke an incisor. It looked like it was exposed to me so I was worried they would have to extract it. I took him into the vet a few days ago and she said it had healed over enough that they didn't need to remove it at this time, but if it turns black in the future it will have to come out. He, too, did not show that he was in any sort of pain. It was just something I discovered when I went to brush his teeth.

    Wishing Wilson an easy procedure and quick recovery! Poor guy.

  2. Poor guy. I hope Wilson has an easy time.

  3. Wishing Wilson all the best with his dental adventures from two clean Cardis and a clean collie in WI.

  4. Poor brother! We'll be thinking about you!

  5. OUCH - poor fells - sending healing thoughts his way.

  6. The Trio wishes you a quick recovery. The recommend using this as a way to scam minced meat from your human (just tell her it's easier to chew while your mouth heals).

  7. ouch! I hope everything goes smoothly; healing thoughts for Wilson.

  8. Hi, my border collie broke her upper 4th molar as well. My vet gave my the option to save the tooth and reccomends it because she says that she will chew only on one side and plaque will build up? Does Wilson chew funny or really slow without the tooth Has plaque build up over the years? What does her mouth look like all healed can you take a pic of the side of her mouth? If you could have would you have saved the tooth?
    Thanks so much for your help

    1. Wilson doesn't have any problem with plaque as he eats a primarily raw diet. I do notice he has a harder time chewing things like a bully stick or achilles tendon with the gap in his gumline, but he still gets they down :-) I had the tooth pulled even though it wasn't causing any issues. I might have left it in as my other dog has had a slab fracture for a long time now and it doesn't bother him.


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