Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Well, another trial is behind us. This one was not our best. No Q's to boast about....

The Good: The first run of the day was Open FAST. This was our first time in Open FAST and I really wasn't expecting too much. Jimmy may be quick, but he still likes to work close to me. But he surprised me by heading out 10 feet to take a panel jump, left turn to the AFrame, and had just to take one more easy jump. Alas, he felt the need to come in and herd me instead of take the jump. He did go back in and take it when I asked, but by then, he had faulted for crossing out of the Send tape line. Still, I was very pleased with him.

The Bad: Next Open JWW....We got off to a bit of a rocky start as I directed him rather poorly into the weaves, so it took a second try. Totally, totally my fault. Somewhere along the way, he dropped just one bar, the Corgi Curse as it is called.... dang.....

The Ugly: And so all that was left was Open STD. We had waited a couple of hours, the building had heated up (something this location is notorious for!) and I guess Jimmy was no longer in the mood...We were going strong until, you guessed it, The TABLE! Grrrrr! He just would NOT sit, hopped off to sniff, and I walked out. No play if you don't do the table. He herded me in loud ferocious circles the whole way out, and of course the table was as far from the exit as possible.
I had practiced every single day at home with the table. Not just the table, but small sequences, and lots of good treats. He would fly out the door and plop down on the table. So, why won't he do it at a trial??!!

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  1. He's keeping you on your figurative toes. My dogs do a great job of the same! :)


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