Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where in the World are J&W - Part 7 - The Last Night

I don't really expect anyone to know where this is, at least without the help of our friend Google. The ride home from Baa Ha Ba was really too long to attempt in one day, especially with all the construction zones in which we kept getting bogged down! Obama's stimulus package was definitely hard at work on the New England roads!

This B&B, the Shaker Mill Inn, was in West Stockbridge, MA, very near the New York state line. It was a very lovely little place with very friendly inn keepers who were quite dog friendly. This is another location I would highly recommend as a leaf-peeping destination! Our room was just delightful, and the breakfast they provided was delicious! It came with plenty of fresh pastries and bagels as well as fresh fruit cups. Just yummy!

And speaking of yummy....there was a newly re-opened tavern, the Shaker Mill Tavern (what else could they call it?!), just a stone's throw away. The inn keepers said we really should try it out. Who were we to argue with the locals!? As it turned out, the chef at this very pretty restaurant had been Bill Clinton's White House chef!!!! Now, whether or not you liked Bill, you know anyone selected to cook at the White House must be exceptional. We had the most fabulous meals! We each selected something from the day's specials and all I can say is WOW! This man could cook! It made this stop-over all the sweeter. A great little B&B paired with a fabulous restaurant, we sure got lucky! I can't recommend these places highly enough. If you have a reason to pass through western Mass, try them out, you won't be disappointed!


  1. Shaker Mill is yummy, but the best meal in that area is Dakota's Steakhouse, which is either in Lee or Pittsfield - I can't remember which. YUMMY house marinade on the steaks. I lived up there for almost a year!

  2. OMG You were so close to where we live! I wish we knew...


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