Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where in the World are J&W - Part 6

This destination stands out as one of the prettiest places that I have been to in the United States. As of this trip, I've been lucky enough to have visited 42 of our states. I was in awe of the beauty here.

Jimmy's saying: "Let's go this way!"

I know it is anthropomorphising a bit, but when Wilson looked out over this view, I swear I could feel his sense of amazement and awe. He looked at this scene with wide, amazed eyes, and deliberately turned around to look me in the eyes. Then he turned back to the view. There was truly a sense that he was taking it in and found it amazing.

Jimmy just stood and stared for a long time.

If you enlarge this photo (any of the ones here on the rocks), look at the really neat looking green and blue mosses that are growing the rocks. I didn't really pay attention to it until I saw the photos.

Here's Jimmy claiming: " I'm on top of the world!!!!!"

I love this photo! I am going to get it printed and framed for John's mom.......

Those islands in the far background are the ones we investigated while on the jetski.

And here we are truly at the top of the world, or at least the top of the East Coast!

There were plenty of hiking trails everywhere, not all of them with a watery view. Here's Wilson blazing the trail through a birch woods.

There was a rare sandy beach that was extremely popular as it was an unseasonably hot day.

I liked this one just for the beautiful blues. If you enlarge this photo, you will see lots of small dots in the water. They are lobster traps, and they were everwhere!

We of course had to find a place for the boys' favorite activity!

More beautiful views............................


  1. Great pictures! Did you go up for the sunrise on Cadillac? We froze our butts off up there one morning then came down for hot coffee and blueberry pancakes.

  2. We did get to the park early, say around 8 am. but definitely not in time for sunrise. I am glad we got an early start as the park was jammed by 2 pm!


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