Monday, August 31, 2009

Book Review: Dogged Pursuit

I just finished reading this fun little book. I can definitely say I enjoyed it and that it is an entertaining and easy read. I didn't think it was as funny as a few of the reviews did, but there were a couple of times I did laugh out loud. In my area, as everywhere I guess, agility is mainly a middle-aged female pasttime, so reading about the sport through male eyes was a change of pace. I think it is a worthwhile way to pass some time, especially sitting at a trial waiting to run!

That said, if anyone reading this is interested in having my copy, email me at taryn dot tipton @ gmail dot com , and I'll be happy to drop it in the mail to you. I love to share my books so I don't feel like they are going to waste piled on my closet floor!

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