Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jimmy's Agility Debut is this Weekend

My younger boy, Jimmy, is set to start his competition career this weekend. He's a smart little guy and picked up agility easily. He is also very excitable and agility makes him oh so very high! As a result, I am not really sure how things will turn out. He's wicked fast and I can't outrun him.With Wilson, it's always been me in the lead, always able to get in a frontcross where ever needed. I really haven't gotten my handling skills honed to such a quick partner. Jimmy gets very vocal and very frustrated when I am late with my directions, and dives in to give me some "herding advice".The judges usually interpret such "advice" as a refusal so we'll have to see how it goes. He's had plenty of practice, and the courses at school are all difficult Excellent level challenges, so Novice should be pretty straightforward for us. The biggest hurdle may be that this is an outdoor trial and all of our training occurs indoors, other that what gets done in my teeny-tiny yard. I am expecting him to be even more excited than usual, and of course, my nerves won't help us either. Novice FAST is the first run of the day, so I am hoping he burns off any wild hairs on that run, and can focus better later.

There are plenty of positives as well. The weather is supposed to be beautiful! The trial is at most 10 miles from my house. No getting up at 5AM for this one! It really can't get much sweeter than that! This is the same trial at which Wilson began his career and he scored a perfect 100 and the blue ribbon on his first ever Standard run, so the karma is good! There will be a professional photographer so no matter what the outcome, I'll have some good photos as mementos.

So, here's to my little man! May he have a safe and successful agility career! Hopefully his handler can get the butterflies under control, and be the teammate he deserves.

I am so psyched for this weekend!


  1. Just have fun. If you're letting Jimmy know that it's a fun time for both of you, he'll relax and be . . . wait for it . . . awesome!

  2. Best of luck! And where did you get your weave set??!

  3. In my area, the premiere agility equipment provider is MAD agility. (
    They provide the equipment for many of the AKC trials in my area (the DC suburbs). It's a great company for sure. When the hinge on my poles broke, they swapped them out for another set. They had been in my yard for a while so they really didn't have to! You can order equipment and they bring it to the next trial you attend.

  4. good luck!!! you'll do just fine I am sure!!! hope you have someone to video... hint, hint!

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing you all run on Saturday. I'm sure that you will do just great!


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