Monday, August 24, 2009

Taking in more local scenery

On one of the days while we were in Meredith, we rented a Harley to go see some of the surrounding sights that couldn't be seen from the lake. Our first stop was to a state park about an hour north of town. It was great to get in a hike through hilly terrain after so much sitting.


  1. Did the boys have little sidecars and goggles for the Harley ride?

    I missed the weekend posts, but I thought that was Lake Winnie when I saw it. I have never been there but have seen it on the map and heard good things about it.

    We have a tiny little ancient amusement park just a few miles from my house named Lake Winnepesaukah. It's not nearly as picturesque!

  2. Wow Janet! You've known every one of them so far!
    I had never even heard of that lake before we started planning the trip.

    Alas, the boys were once again in the room napping. We always made sure they got plenty of swim time before starting our excursions. The park in this post had a No Pets rule so although it would have been a nice hike for them, they were not welcome.

  3. My company is co-hq'd in Chattanooga and Portland ME. Several years ago we also acquired a company in Worcester, MA. When I go up there, sometimes I work in extra exploring time. I love visiting the northeast - just not sure my thin southern blood could stand the winters.


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