Sunday, August 23, 2009

Did I stump you?.........

Or is the guessing theme just getting a bit old? At any rate, the town is Meredith, New Hamphire. We stayed at a place called the Inn At Mill Falls. I highly recommend this town/inn if you have a mind to go leaf-peeping this fall. They were very dog friendly and the place was just lovely! We spent a day on our jetski exploring the HUGE lake Meredith is next to: Lake Winnipesaukee. It has gorgeous, clear water that was rather chilly, and incredibly scenic views of the mountains every which way you looked. Unbelievably, almost the entire shoreline (many miles!) was lined with homes of all types, mansions down to tiny shacks. The lake was dotted with islands and these were completely populated as well. If the island was only big enough for one house, then it had one house! Most of the trees were intact so all these homes didn't ruin the beauty. With so much population, the lake was rather choppy from all the boats buzzing around. As a result, the boys didn't get to accompany us on our ride. They had a nice long swim beforehand and retired for a nap. Here are some photos from our day:

There was an interestingly shaped lighthouse.

Weirs Beach was another small town along the shores of the lake. It had one of the only sandy beaches for swimming. It is also a popular destination for a spring Bike Week every year.

Someone had created a pretty little spot to relax where an island extended out a bit.

I had to get a different angle so you could see the King and Queen emblems. Very cute!

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