Friday, June 5, 2009


Jimmy is the first dog I ever sought with an actual purpose in mind. After getting hooked on agility, I wanted to try my hand at training a new dog now that I had the worst of the learning curve behind me (or so I thought!). I actually toyed with the idea of going to the "dark side" and getting a border collie, but I worried I wasn't up to the energy and focus of the BC. So I stayed with what I know and love, and looked for a high drive Cardigan. I think Jimmy could be described as a "border corgi"! Not only is he the classic black and white coloring, he is a perpetual motion machine, never tiring, and would work all day. Here he is a week or two after coming home, probably around 13 0r 14 weeks.

Jimmy is a smart little guy and breezed through PuppyKindergarten and CGC Obedience. We posed him in cap and gown to celebrate passing his CGC exam at just 9 months old. I am not sure he was too pleased with his outfit.

Here he is at the 2008 CWCCA Nat'l Specialty in Kentucky. I like this photo for the way it shows off the white on his chest and throat. His registered name is Fine Creek's Sharp Dressed Man as a play on his formal-wear coloring.

I've learned that it is hard to take pictures of black-faced dogs. So often it turns out with no detail, and more of a silhouette. I liked this one because he's eyes are sharp and clear and the slight brindling on his face is visible.

One of Jimmy's funniest quirks is that he LOVES to watch TV! The very day we brought him home, he noticed the TV and he's been watching it ever since. I'm not talking looking for a second and moving on. If he sees animals on the TV, he flies over and plants himself in front of the screen for as much as 5 or 10 minutes, wagging, barking, bouncing, standing on his hind legs to get closer. It can even be animated animals. We watched the cartoon movie "Bolt" one evening and Jimmy watched almost the entire thing without losing focus. Boy was he exhausted when it was over!


  1. Brother Jimmy is a handsome and photogenic guy. I am in awe of your ability to get him to sit still long enough to pose. I have many, many blurry shots of his equally active brother Bobby!

  2. he is super cute!!! I love how dark he is!!


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