Friday, June 5, 2009

Double Trouble

Wilson and Jimmy have only one dog in common in their five generation pedigrees. Wilson's great grandfather and Jimmy's great great grandfather is CH Rhydowen I Be Jammin. Until this dog, there is no overlap. I don't know if these divergent pedigrees are what account for their VERY different temperaments or not.

Wilson is a very reserved boy. He really prefers that no one other than John, me, or our neighbor's young daughter even touches him. Most strangers get a "stand back" bark if they insist on getting too close. While Wilson does love his morning walk, he is definitely not a high energy dog. After his walk, he is content to nap the day away. In agility, he is the steady and careful type. I am always ahead of him on course. Also, Wilson has no fear of thunderstorms, the lawnmower, the vacuum, or John's noisy Harley.

Jimmy, on the other hand, loves people. If he's in a room full of strangers, he makes his rounds, trying to get each and every one to pet him. He particularly likes men. You can walk him five miles and he's still raring to go. In agility, he gets totally amped up! It is a challenge to keep up, and very difficult to get in a front cross without getting in Jimmy's way. He weaves like a border collie. Loud noises are a problem for Jimmy, esp. thunderstorms, which cause him to pant and shake. The vacuum, the lawnmower, and the Harley are all very scary.

For the most part, the boys get along well. There are never any food fights and they can share a bowl with no issues. Jimmy adores Wilson, but also has a bit of jealousy over toys and training. They play chase in the yard most days and wrestle alot.

What they have in common is the ability to learn new things quickly, both have a great sense of humor and love to make their humans laugh! They definitely keep life interesting and fun.
I have tons of photos of the two together as they love to pose, and both have a great stay. Here are just a few:

This was shortly after Jimmy got home on his very first day with us.

In the kitchen, hoping for a treat. They learn the art of being cute at a very young age!


It takes two to get that big stick to shore!

This was taken recently, on Jimmy's 2nd birthday.


  1. Oh, they're beautiful! What striking dogs, both of them.

    Your blog is wonderful - haha, great to see another Cardigan who thinks Bolt's a great movie, too! ;)

    *Adds to Cardi Blogs to watch! :D

  2. Who knows? Wilson and Spencer have every ancestor in common and they are pretty different!

    They are fun in pairs, aren't they? I love that picture with the stick.


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