Thursday, June 4, 2009


Wilson came to us assigned with a mighty task. His job was to mend our broken hearts due to the passing of dear old Dylan. He had some very big shoes to fill, that was for sure! Without even knowing the job before him, he managed to be quite successful. It's very hard to stay sad when there's a puppy in the house! Here he is at about five months old:

We drove to Lexington, Kentucky to pick Wilson up at a large all-breed show. This was my first time at a big dog show, well, any dog show. It was very interesting. I started Wilson into obedience lessons as soon as possible, thinking maybe I would try to compete with him somewhere down the road. Wilson was a quick learner, but was oh-so-bored with the repetition. At the other end of the large barn we were training in was an agility class. It looked like so much fun! Wilson trained in obedience as far as his CGC and we made the switch to agility. I am so lucky that there is a fantastic agility school just 15 minutes from my house! After about a year of lessons, Wilson and I gave it a go at our first AKC agility trial. Little did I know just how addicting agility is!
Wilson is now Caduceus Castaway Wilson AJP OAP NFP CGC. He is pictured below displaying the proud result of that first trial:

We spend a good bit of time in Myrtle Beach, SC. It's a dog friendly beach town and we really enjoy it there. I have many, many beach theme dog photos. This one is from when Wilson was about a year old. If you go to the Dogster website and use their favorite breed search on Cardigan Welsh Corgi, it brings up a description of our breed, and it uses this photo as their example of what a Cardi looks like. I guess that counts as Wilson's 15 minutes of fame!

In case anyone is curious, Wilson's parents are:

CH Sisterwood's Winsome Will X CH Aberdovey Kee Bear Ms Marcus

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  1. A handsome boy, congrats on your teamwork.


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