Thursday, July 13, 2017

No Fear!

I see this doe almost every time I go out for a walk. She has no fear of me. Mainly, she is just curious. Even the dogs cause her to be curious. I am sure if Jimmy could just shut up for a moment, she would walk up and sniff noses.

Deer go by my fence all the time. It gives my dogs lots of exercise ;-)


  1. I like how Wilson kind of joins in, but not really. That's so cool that you have your own deer! Blueberry wondered what all the barking was about.

  2. BOL! OMD, I came runnin' to see what I should be barkin' abouts, and Ma was watchin' your video! Then, of course, I had to chime in, cause, well...dogs.
    I am so jealous I gots no deer to entertain me!
    Ruby ♥

  3. Wilson backs up Jimmy in the beginning then seems to say "oh well, Jimmy's got this...I'll just relax here". Deer must be used to dogs - seems more fearful of humans than dogs. Great video!

  4. Those deer have it all figured out. Ghostwriter sees them all over the little town when she gets out of work at night. They walk right on the sidewalks like they own the place!

  5. Wonderful for everyone....the deer and dogs and peeps!

  6. Wow, we never get to see deer so tame. It's funny to see your two interact as they "deal with" the deer!!!!


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