Monday, April 3, 2017 Tylee's Turkey Recipe: First Impressions

The good folks at asked me if I would be interested in trying a new food that is exclusive to their store. This is a month long trial to see how my dogs do on this food. Now normally, I feed raw. If this food had been kibble, I would have said no, thank you. But this food is a little different and it really piqued my interest. It is a frozen home-cooked food called Tylee's. I opted for the turkey recipe. It has a great blend of meat, organs, and fresh fruits and veggies.

I opened the bag and took a peek as well as a big sniff.......

Keep in mind this food is frozen. I can honestly say it smelled wonderful. No dog food smell at all! My first whiff was cinnamon followed by the scent of cranberries. It smelled like real food and here's it is clearly says on the bag.....

It is made with all......


And another VERY important detail...

Hopefully everyone knows to stay away from anything sourced in China!

Tylee has made up a little brochure about gradually transitioning your dog to this new food. It's always best to ease into it by mixing your old food with the new food.

The food at the top of the bowl is my usual raw food and the nuggetts and veggies are Tylee's.

Look at the adorable little scoop Chewy sent along to help with the measuring! (You do measure your dog's food, right? It really helps with weight control!)

All this putzing I was doing as I gave Tylee's the once over had my boys very impatient. If it smelled good to me, you can only imagine how great it was for their super-sharp canine olfactory sense!

Jimmy and Wilson tucked right into their food and not a bit was left over, not even a carrot cube or a cranberry. Of course, they are Corgis after all, so they are not known as picky eaters!

Final notes on my first impression:

I want to add one update to this post after a question I received. This is not freeze-dried food. You do not need to add water and wait for it to reconstitute. It is cooked food that has been frozen so it will last longer. You just need to thaw it before serving. Since it keeps up to 10 days after thawing (in the fridge of course!), you could thaw enough for a few meals so your dogs didn't have to wait for each meal.

I love to laugh, so I always appreciate a sense of humor however/whenever it can be provided....

Here's to packaging that isn't boring!
I do have one con so far....The package comes with a zip-top closure. After about the third time of pulling the bag open, the zipper broke away from the plastic bag. No big deal, I just used a clip, but perhaps it could be made a bit more sturdy.

Stayed tuned for a mid-month update on how things are going with this food as my dogs' primary meals!

Now for my disclaimer:
I was not compensated in any way, other than to receive this product at no charge for my honest review. is not at all responsible for the content of this post. The opinions expressed are purely my own and those of my dogs!

Thank you for allowing me to sample new products and foods!


  1. I will be interested to hear how Jimmy and Wilson do on this. What other flavors do they have? Do you keep it frozen and add warm water to feed?

    1. Other flavors include beef, chicken, and pork with slightly different fruit/veggie combos. It will keep 10 days in the fridge after thawing so mine is in the fridge. But you can just scoop from the freezer, thaw for a while, and serve.

  2. This sounds like a really good food! I'm curious to hear more!

  3. Looks nummy I could tell by the way the eyes were popping out of their heads.

  4. Those ingredients look like something I would feed my husband. :)

    Frozen food isn't an option for us. But I've been thankful for freeze dried raw to add to Honey's diet. Hope your boys do well on Tylee's. I can see healthy frozen food being a terrific convenience for most people.


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