Friday, April 28, 2017 Tylee's Human Grade Dog Food: Final Thoughts

Here we are at the end of April already and Jimmy and Wilson have finished their third big bag of Tylee's Human Grade Dog Food.

They enjoyed this food quite a bit. There was never a moment of hesitation. They always dove right into their meals and licked their bowls clean! They always wanted more, the little pigs!

Over the course of the month, Chewy sent me three of the large 96 ounce bags. We had a small gap in feeding because I misjudged delivery times, and we finished the third bag on the 26th of April. So I probably would need four large bags to comfortably cover a month for my two Cardigan Corgis. These are not small dogs! Jimmy is 34 pounds and Wilson is somewhere over 40 pounds. So at $34.99 a large bag, it would cost me about $140.00 to feed both my dogs for a month. The auto-ship program can save another 10%. This is definitely less expensive than the pre-made commercial raw I feed, but definitely more than a large bag of quality kibble. We all have budgets to live by, so this food is probably not an option for everyone.

I don't think there is much else to say about this food. For my dogs, it was well accepted, the transition was smooth, it was easily digested, they didn't get gassy, and their stools stayed firm. These are all good signs of a quality food. Of course all dogs are individuals, and my experience might not be the same as yours.

On a non-food related matter, it does bother me how much packaging it takes to get one 96 ounce bag delivered. Two bags of food and the box gets even bigger to hold more dry ice. That part is a negative for me. Also, in my first review at the beginning of the month, I mentioned the neat little scoop that Chewy so nicely provided. Well you get one every time! I wish there was a way to not get one after the first one. I gave one to a neighbor, kept two, and still tossed one in the recycle bin. If I order another bag, that scoop will get recycled as well. I hate to waste them, but I only need a couple.

Before this 30 day challenge, I was a raw feeder. I will still be a raw feeder. I am a firm believer in the nutritional value of raw. However, I was very pleased with Tylee's. It is affordable for me and my dogs enjoyed it. I am sure it is a much better quality food than kibble. (I am no animal dietitian, nor do I play one on TV! My statement is purely personal opinion!)

So, all that being said, I did put my money where my mouth is!

While Chewy was still offering their BOGO special on Tylee's, I did buy a large bag of beef (and a large bag of chicken as my freebie). I think it will make great travel food since it keeps fresh for so long once thawed (so long as it is kept properly cold!). I am very happy to have this option when I hit the road!

Actually, I put my money where Jimmy's mouth is!!! LOL!

A HUGE thank you to for choosing Jimmy, Wilson, and me to test out and review their new food!

Now for my disclaimer:
I was not compensated in any way, other than to receive this product at no charge for my honest review. is not at all responsible for the content of this post. The opinions expressed are purely my own and those of my dogs!


  1. We've seen around Blogville that some dogs are having it as a topper. Sounds great.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I too feed raw, and while I think it is the best food for my dogs, it is hard when traveling. So this is a good option to have.

  3. Oh Wednesday Wilson, Where art thou?


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