Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wilson's Wigwam? on Wordless Wednesday

I'm going to be a bit wordy again this week.....

First I want to give credit for this title to my friend Terry, a fellow Cardigan person, for giving me the word "wigwam" in the comments of this post. Good one! And while my photo today leans more toward teepee, I'm going to go with poetic license and call this structure a wigwam! A few neighborhood kids must have conveniently given me a photo-op!

Now, last Wednesday, I was wordy as well, talking about giving away a calendar. Based on the comments, Janet definitely took the W theme to heart and came up with a good one! I'll be awarding the Corgi Calendar to her. But I do want to say, I got a really good chuckle from Brando and Bogart's comment "I knew it! Wilson is BatDog" because that really does fit well with the photo. As always, thanks for playing along everyone! I love reading your comments!


  1. This is so funny, we were traveling last week and I happen to see one of these wigwam-teepee structures along a stream in the woods! It was so odd to me, but I guess maybe it's a thing - build a wigwam-teepee in the woods and leave it there for others to take fun photos, LOL! Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos like you did. I love your photo, it's great!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  2. Wigwam is such a fun word to use with Wilson. Kudos for the idea. ☺

  3. Hey, that's my sis. As you can see, we are a family of word lovers. :).

  4. Glad you enjoyed our comment! ;) It looks like Wilson has done a pretty good job making a solid structure, I'm impressed! It must have been hard considering he doesn't have thumbs!

  5. Terry & Reggie here. So glad you were able to use "Wigwam." We see these made out of driftwood up & down the coast of Oregon. It looks like people have so much fun building their forts, etc. About last week's contest photo, we've always hummed the Batman theme whenever our pups cast a long shadow. (As you can see, I still haven't figured out how to use my Google acct.)


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