Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Weekend Report: The First Trial of 2017!

Jimmy and I did just one day of the Oriole Dog Training Club's agility trial held in conjunction with the big Pet Expo. The place was JAMMED with people, so we had a big audience watching us all run. We even had an announcer giving the crowd commentary on what was going on.

I found a good crating spot with a couple of friends and settled in for a fun day of agility and dog shopping! It doesn't get much better than that, well, except for a booth full of chocolate for the humans! Mmmm, chocolate covered pretzels!

First up was our Standard run on what, by the course map, looked to be a tricky course. It ran much better than it looked, plus Jimmy and I were far enough down in the running order I could watch for the traps. Jimmy was pretty amped to be playing agility but he settled in and gave me a nice run. First place and 25 points!

I forgot my real video camera so this is off my phone. Here it is:

It timed out perfectly that we went almost right over to our Jumpers run without a long wait. This was a pretty straight forward course without too much challenge. The wings on the jumps got in the way just a bit in one spot, but we stayed clean. Again Jimmy earned the first place spot and 18 more points.

Many thanks to my videographer, Darlene. Here is Jumpers:

This made Double-Q #13 toward our PACH2 title. YAY! Pretty ribbons......

And for the agility geeks out there, my course maps.....

Tracking Jimmy's PACH 2 progress:
Very 1st Double-Q: Sunday 5/1/2016
Masters JWW legs: 54...MJP Title 01/25/15 MJPB 10/11/15 MJPS Title
Masters STD legs: 46...MXP Title!10/24/14 MXPB 10/11/15
Double Q's: 13(out of 20 needed)
PACH Points: 1482


  1. You are fantastic awesome!!
    Lily & Edward

  2. Lovely work! Congratulations!

  3. Looks like it was quite a professional setting. Great team work!

  4. Wow, I love watching you two work together. Beautiful!

    As I listened to the noise of the crowd, I kept thinking that Shyla could never handle a situation like that one.


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