Saturday, January 21, 2017

Silly Saturday - Jimmy Finds a Frisbee

I think we could all use a laugh these days. It truly is the best medicine. Jimmy is more than happy to provide it! Here he is "playing" with a frisbee we found on the beach.

He's just not normal!!!


  1. I liked his little kick. I hope you retrieved it from the water for him!

  2. Well, he's being a good boy and telling you where the Frisbee is so you can pick it up and throw it again!

  3. He's definitely...special. That's so funny! Maybe you can give him a frisbee tutorial? ;)

    1. PS, he wins points for at least chasing after it. Blueberry just watches me throw things for her and I have to retrieve them.

  4. LOL!!!! He's so special!!! And good job going to get it for him ... he has you trained well. LOL!!!!


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