Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Mischief: Missing Mojo!

With so much to accomplish over the holidays, friends to visit, meals to cook, gifts to buy and wrap, not to mention fitting in a bit of travel, something had to give.  And what was that, you might ask? Well, computer time of course! I didn't intentionally take a blogging break, but it sort of just happened. It wasn't a complete break, I checked in now and again. But now I'm having trouble finding the oomph needed to get back into it. Sort of like exercising, when you let it slip, it is all too easy to let it go altogether. I certainly don't want that to happen! As you can tell from my last few posts, we made a trip to the beach. I've got plenty of pictures to post from down in South Carolina, so lack of content isn't one of my excuses.

I've heard the expression....Motivation follows action...So I guess I need to jump in with both feet and relocate my blogging mojo!

When we first reached Myrtle Beach on the evening of the 28th, it was warm and balmy. We took a wonderful walk on the beach in the dark in just light weight clothes. The next day we awoke to pea soup! The fog was so thick, I could not see the beach from our balcony. Looking out along the neighboring buildings had a rather ethereal quality.

I was quick to recognize the photo op I was given, and hurried to get out on the beach before the sun could burn away the fog. I was rewarded with views that I haven't photographed before.....

The ordinary became extraordinary, views I've seen a thousand times were transformed into something new and fresh.

The beach had taken on an otherworldly feel.....I could hear an ocean, but I couldn't see one.

I wasn't even sure if I could find my way home.....

But I am pretty sure Jimmy knew what road to take......


  1. Those are fabulous pictures! I especially love the second one ... WOW!!!! Beach pictures are my favorite no matter the weather.

  2. They are too cute!! <3 I love going to the beach when it's foggy, although I get kind of nervous when I can't see anything!! LOL I totally hear you on the mojo thing!! I'm afraid that if I miss a day of blogging or two days that I might stop!

  3. We were wondering where those 'cat' pictures were taken. That fog is just beautiful....hope you had a relaxing time.

  4. We get fog in AZ from time to time, and I love that disconnected feeling you get. Those photos are so beautiful!

    Monty and Harlow

  5. I've lost my blogging mojo, too. Trying to get back into it!

    Those photos are beautiful. They're almost eerie from the fog.

    Happy belated holidays!

  6. Glad you decided to jump back into blogging by sharing your pictures with us. They were wonderful.

    From the shore, the fog is lovely. :)

    BTW, if you're looking for some blogging motivation, maybe you want to join the 5th Annual Pet Blogger Challenge that Amy of Go Pet Friendly is sponsoring this Saturday? You can find out more here:

    It's one of my favorite community events of the year.

  7. How lovely! I haven't been to Myrtle Beach in years.

  8. We visit Myrtle Beach nearly every summer - it's one of our very favorite vacay spots, so these photos made me feel very nostalgic...I can't wait to go back! I love your pictures; it looks so peaceful there!

  9. It was horribly foggy on Saturday at the beach (I work there) too. Being a lifelong Floridian, it weirded me out. You couldn't see the dunes and could barely see the water!

  10. haunting pictures. Cute corgis. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  11. Spooky beach fog is the best. I've never been to the South Carolina beaches, but we were just on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I absolutely love it. So dog friendly!

  12. I'm glad you're back to blogging just so you can take me away from the snow and ice for a few minutes with those pictures!

  13. Crikey ...... those photos are beautiful. That second one ....... WOW!!!!!!!! You don't need many words. Just post more of your pics. They are something else. The one of the two dogs on the beach and Jimmy on the road ...... OMD ...... so special!!

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