Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Bad Throw.....

When the boys return from their morning walk, they always like a nice game of fetch before heading back inside. I guess they need to burn off the last of their energy. Occasionally, as I've mentioned before , my aim isn't the greatest. This time, the chuck-it squirrel wedged a leg in the branches of a tree.....

The chuck-it is Wilson's toy, so he tried his best to retrieve it, to no avail......

It's mine! I've got it!
Wilson's struggle looked like a lot of fun to Jimmy, who of course had to horn in!

That's about 75 pounds of corgi hanging from the chuck-it!
As Jimmy amps up, Wilson backs off. He knows what happens when Jim gets over-excited!

Can you see Wilson's whiskers? He's ready to snag it if Jimmy pulls it loose.

Jimmy is nothing if not determined!

Then, all of the sudden, after much yanking, pulling, shaking and gripping.......
....the plastic "foot" ripped off and Jimmy landed on his butt! Splat!

Can't believe I caught it on camera!
This squirrel is on its last legs ;-) Pun-intended!


  1. Two determined Corgis! At least they got to burn off some extra energy trying to free the chuckit! :)

  2. Brilliant deaded squirrel in a tree. Pawsome and you got a leg. Bol funny. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I bet they enjoyed that immensely!! That squirrel doesn't stand a chance when it's down.

  4. It's like reading a comic strip! You captured just the right moments. RIP, chuck-it.

  5. Not only did you capture the whole saga, you climbed the tree! What a professional you are LOL.

  6. Pawsome! Will you replace the dead squirrel? Poor little thing.

  7. That is too funny! Love these photos! I am notorious for my crooked throwing arm. One time I somehow threw Wrigs's big furry ball up and back, and it landed on the roof! I had to use the ladder to retrieve it. :-D

  8. LOL. That's awesome. You should just leave it there. Imagine the hours of entertainment (both for them and you) it could provide.

  9. Too funny! Shyla and I had a similar mishap the other day but we turned it into a new game. Now, in "find the toy", the toy might be up in the tree, but easily extracted :)

    A great series of photos!

  10. Lol, enjoyed the photos
    See Yea George xxx

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