Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can't Reach!

It never fails! I eventually give a poor throw to Wilson's Chuck-It Flying Squirrel and it ends up in a tree branch....

Wilson: I need a little help here!
But the really funny part happened as I headed over to remedy the situation. We keep a broom outside to sweep the deck and patio, as well as remove all the icky spider webs that accumulate this time of year. It hangs on the outside of a small Rubbermaid shed that's against the house in the backyard, maybe ten paces back and to the right of Jimmy in this picture. As I said, this isn't the first time my throw has landed up out of reach. I normally go over and get the broom, and use it to knock the Squirrel down. Obviously Jimmy has put 2 and 2 together! Before I even made the turn to head for the broom, he flew over there and attacked it!

Brooms drive Jimmy absolutely batty!
It is a cheap broom and Jimmy quickly took a toll on the bristles! He yanked and pulled so hard that he actually pulled it out of the little rubber cap that the broom had for hanging it up.He darted off with the broom and I think he would have completely destroyed it if only mean me hadn't grabbed it away!


  1. That's too funny! I love the picture of Jimmy and Wilson staring up in the tree. What is it with brooms, Fred goes bonkers over them too! :)

  2. We love broom biting too. Great game. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. My girls aren't too interested in brooms -- but Erika's Bonnie sure is!

  4. What fabulous, funny photos! Jimmy B. attacks the other end of the broom--he latches on and pulls, so it's me on one end and JB on the other. Jimmy T., it appears, does a more thorough job :)

  5. Corgis are so smart. They get it! Love the blog!

  6. LOL, that is too funny that Jimmy attacked the broom!

  7. Those picture are too cute! Weasley hates brooms too!

    urban hounds


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