Monday, July 9, 2012

Road Trip!......but NCC*

*NCC...No Corgi Content

We took a short road trip over the 4th of July week. As you may have guessed from my fireworks photo the other day, we headed north to visit Niagara Falls. Originally, we had planned to make it an add-on to the trip to this year's Cardigan National Specialty. It was only about four hours from Ohio, but the unseasonably cold weather and then 10 inches of snow in Buffalo, led us to cancel that part of our trip. In hind sight, it's great we saved it for July. It allowed us to get away from the hideous heat in our area, and was a real change of pace for Independence Day fireworks. Every review I read said to stay on the Canadian side of the Falls, so we did. And of course, Jimmy and Wilson came along for the ride! My boys are now international travelers!
It was an eight hour drive due north pretty much, through pretty mountains and forests. We got to our motel and settled the boys in, and headed out for some evening sightseeing.

We decided to ride the elevators up to the top of the Skylon Tower and see the Falls from way up!

There's a restaurant at the top, and the whole thing revolves to change your view.
In peak tourist season, fireworks are shot off each night over the Falls, so we did not need to wait for the 4th to be entertained! In the tower, you are up higher than many of the fireworks.

Here's the view.....

The American Falls
In a different direction, you can see the Canadian tourist area, including a Sky Wheel similar to what Myrtle Beach has, but without the colors. Click to enlarge this photo, and you will see that apparently, dinosaurs still roam the Canadian lands......

There's a mini Jurassic Park at the base of the Sky Wheel

That was about it for the first day. We walked back to our motel that was a few blocks from the main tourist area, and hit the hay!


  1. It ust have been beautiful at night. Great photos. I feel cooled off just looking.

  2. Great pictures. Have a good Monday!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We ate at the Skylon Tower a few years ago and it was great! Expensive, but what a view while your eating! Great pictures! :)


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