Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Jimmy-ism

It's always good to follow up Wilson's big day with something about Jimmy. This little guy is chock full of personality, charm, and amusing little quirks. However, it can be hard to catch on camera....

One such quirk happens just about every morning. When I get up, the boys of course follow me down stairs. Thus begins the wait for breakfast. A wise person once told me to never, ever feed dogs their breakfast as soon as you get up. If you do, you will create little monsters that will devise ingenious ways to wake you up earlier each day in hopes of speeding up the meal delivery. So my guys know they are going to wait through coffee being brewed, the kitchen tidied, computer time, etc., before there is any hope of breakfast.

To kill time, they watch out the back door for any trespassers. We have a veritable wildlife super-highway just beyond our fence. On any given morning it is quite likely to see deer, a fox, squirrels, rabbits, a groundhog, and most offensive of all, the neighbor's cat. If the boys aren't looking for critters, there's a chance they will doze a bit. This is where Jimmy's quirk comes in. He combines the dozing and the watching into one posture. He lies right up against the back door, and uses his nose to prop his head up while looking out the window. It reminds me of the way we humans rest our jaws in the palm of our hands in order to hold up our heads.

Here's Jimmy......


  1. That's a smart trick. Finn knows she gets breakfast after her morning walk and so she drags me back to the house as soon as she can see it. Now I think I shall make her wait through a few things first.

  2. Ha another fan of Homeland Security and Vermin Stakeout!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh, my, I was resting my chin on the palm of my hand as I read Jimmy's post--although I dare say my nose isn't nearly as cute, or my ears, for that matter!

  4. My Sally does that too! Very funny, its always good for a smile:-))


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