Saturday, February 25, 2012

It was a Sad Day for Jim.....

On weekends, I have enough time in the morning to take an extra long walk. This means I can head in the direction of Jimmy's beloved Rope Swing . He always remembers where it is, and automatically takes the right turn that leads to the stream. Today was no different....but unfortunately, it was totally different. From a distance, I couldn't see the rope swing, but a lot of times it's hooked on the tree. Jimmy ran ahead of me and started barking, jumping, looking up into the tree, trying to find it. When I caught up, I looked too, figuring it was really snagged in a branch. But, alas, I turned toward the stream, and this is what I saw......

Arrrgghhh! Say it's not so!
...someone had cut the rope swing down, and thrown it in the stream! Oh, what a devastating blow it was for poor Jim!


  1. Oh no! Not fair to take down Jimmy's favorite swing.

  2. That's just mean. Can you put up a new one for him>

  3. What is it with some people? Sheesh!!


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