Thursday, January 5, 2012

Over the River and Through the Woods......

With the extra free time during the long holiday weekends, we spent lots of time trying to burn off all of the excess calories that were consumed. While I doubt the scales are tipped all the way back in my favor yet, we did get in lots of outdoor time. Nothing makes the boys happier than an off-leash run in the woods. For this walk, we chose a less developed stretch of trees with a large stream. It's amazing that living in a heavily populated suburban area, I can walk through this little patch of woods and never see another person enjoying it. All the better for us, of course!

As soon as we entered the woods, Jim went straight into high alert! So many smells, so little time.

Can you see what Wilson sees? Click to enlarge.

Jimmy: Why does she always post the pictures where my ass looks big!?

A little sip of sparkling water

Alas, the boys were always on the wrong side of the water when they spotted the deer.

Scanning...Scanning...Drat! Nothing!

Here's a close-up of the tree to Wilson's right in the picture above. I guess the beaver got too tired and gave up on this tree! Is that where the expression "Bit off more than I can chew" came from :-) I am surprised it is still standing with such a diminished base.


  1. That looks like a really fun outing! And that tree is pretty amazing! Scientific wonders!

  2. What size Comfortflex harness is Jimmy wearing? I tried a friend's "small" on Porter & it was a little tight. I wasn't sure whether to go with a small/medium or a medium. Thank you!

  3. @Porter - Hi, Jimmy's Comfortflex is a "SM". He is just 12 inches at the withers and weighs 34-35 pounds, and is quite slim. There is still plenty of room to adjust the harness larger if I needed to, girth-wise.

    Wilson, who is noticeably larger at 13 inches/40 pounds would probably be better server with the Medium so it would fit around the front better. But the SM does still fit his girth if I expand it bigger than Jimmy needs.

    Hope that helps :-)

  4. Great photos, Taryn. You live in a lovely area.

  5. Thank you! Porter is 11" tall & about 33 pounds, but he has an awful large chest :)
    I measured his girth this morning & it was 23-24" (depending on how tight I pulled the tape!) which puts him in the sm/md harness.
    I was just looking for a little more feedback from a fellow cardi owner with the harness, which you provided :) Thank you again!
    Merinda & Porter
    Lexington, KY

  6. Neat pictures! Your Cardis are beautiful. :)


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