Sunday, November 27, 2011

You Get One Guess.......

We have had absolutely the prettiest weather for our four day weekend! It's been 65 to 70 degrees and sunny everyday. Today, it was so nice we BBQ'd hamburgers on the grill for a mid-afternoon early bird dinner. This left me with just enough time to take the boys for a walk before dark. We headed out to the linear park/trail behind my house. My guys are pretty reliable off-leash so we were all chugging along at a good pace, me in the lead.  I keep a close eye on them, so I turned around to check where they were. All I see is all four of Wilson's legs pointing up to the sky, his back snaking back and forth, rolling for all he is worth in "something". "Something" is never something good. You get one guess what you think this is.....

Scratch and Sniff for more details......
Wilson had speckled a lovely substance throughout his coat. This is quite out of character for him. Jimmy, on the other hand, I would not have been surprised. I really had not been planning on bathing Wilson at the very end of the weekend. Sigh.


  1. What IS it with them? Pumpkin and Darby will be running along then suddenly throw themselves down and rub, rub, rub in something wonderfully awful. Usually I don't see any evidence of what they liked so much -- thankfully!

  2. Opossum poop?

    That and raccoon poop are Maggie's favorites. And my LEAST favorites :)

  3. EWWWW! But I am sure Finn would love it!

  4. I should NOT have enlarged that photo.


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