Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wilson Wallowing in Wispy Weeds on Wordless Wednesday


  1. You are good. Thanks for making me smile on Wednesday mornings.

  2. Taryn,I don't have your email address in my iPhone, so I'm replying here -- RATS! Erika and I won't be able to come to the agility trials -- how fun that would be to see you again -- because we are leaving early Saturday morning to drive up into Pennsylvania. We're staying at an inn in Mount Joy on Saturday night and beyond that are just going to wander and see what we see. It would have been fun to catch up with you. We're coming back the week after Christmas for a full week, so maybe, if you stay in town and if we don't get too caught up in helping Erika tear out and redo her kitchen floor, we could meet up then! Melissa

  3. Great picture! And I'm impressed by the # of W's used this week :)


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