Monday, November 7, 2011

The Weekend Report - Two Out of Three.......But....

.....unfortunately not the two out of three I needed for a double-Q. Sigh.

This trial was out on Eastern Shore, Maryland at the beautiful farm I've reported on before. It was a very chilly morning, overcast until midday. Our first fun of the day was Standard and although it looked like it could be tricky, many dogs qualified. Jimmy gave me a beautiful table, nailed his dogwalk contact, and was nice and speedy. When the results were posted, Jimmy had earned a third place ribbon. Good Boy!

Next up, JWW. It really wasn't too bad of a course, just a couple areas of concern. If Jimmy is going to drop a bar, it's usually on a double jump or a triple jump because not only does he have to jump up but he has to jump wider than usual. Unfortunately, there was a double at the back corner of the course, in a spot that made getting a straight on path over it rather difficult. I didn't work the turn quite hard enough to give Jimmy a better angle, and down it went, taking our double-Q with it. I think I see the purchase of a double jump in my future as this needs more practice than a once-a-week class can provide.

At the very end of the day came the Time 2 Beat class. Only one dog earns a ribbon (and 10 points) in this class and the rest earn points based on how close they come to the winner's time. Jimmy gave a nice speedy run and earned another 9 points toward his title. He's now got 24 points/3 legs out of the 100 points/15 legs it takes to title.

I didn't take any photos of the farm this time. I have lots already and just didn't get around to it. I did take one shot as I headed out for home. How's this for an agility trial in the middle of nowhere......?

Tracking Jimmy's MACH progress:
Excellent B JWW legs: 13 (out of 10 needed for his MXJ) Now he's working on his MXJ2!
Excellent B STD legs: 4 (out of 10 needed for his MX) But at least we are now in B class!
Double Q's: 2 (out of 20 double-Q's needed for a MACH)
MACH Points: 244 (out of 750 speed points needed for a MACH)

Time 2 Beat legs: 3 (out of 15 needed for his T2B) 24 points (out of 100 needed)


  1. Sounds like a good weekend - even with no double Q. Nice to see the MACH update. You two are well on your way!!

    Maggie always had a hard time w/ double jumps - in the corner is the worst, as it's hard to get a good line (as you mention) and it seems to cause a loss of momentum, too...

  2. Too bad about the lost QQ, but congrats on the standard!


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