Saturday, October 15, 2011

One AMAZING Cardigan!!!!

This weekend is the USDAA Cynosport World Games in Kentucky. USDAA for those that don't know, is another highly popular agility venue. I just checked some of the results and saw that Shelley Permann and her Cardigan Letti WON the 8 inch Performance Grand Prix! Woohoo! Major congratulations to Shelley and Letti, although I doubt she reads my blog :-)

And this is far from Letti's first time in first place! For those of you that get the Cardigan Bulletin, Letti is featured on the inside back cover with an incredibly long list of agility accomplishments! This dog is so beyond amazing! Lightening fast and accurate. When people snicker at seeing a Cardigan as an agility dog, one only need point at Letti and the point is made! Obviously, Letti is blessed with a world-class handler as well!

Here's a link to the winners' photo :

And while we are talking USDAA, let me also congratulate two of the 22 inch winners:

Claudia Bates, one of the owners of the school Jimmy and I train at. She and her BC took 2nd place in the Performance Grand Prix.

Paulena Simpson, my instructor, with her BC, took 3rd place.


  1. Its kind of nice to see something other than a BC win the 22" class

  2. It makes me all mushy inside -- we all know the Cardis can do it all, but now the agility world knows it's true.

  3. Letti is a super dog- I always try to watch her online. Yay for Cardigans!


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