Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Festival.....but NCC

Yesterday was a gorgeous blue sky day, pretty much quintessential fall! We went for a motorcycle ride out to the west toward the mountains. We ended up at what was supposed to be a hot air balloon festival (on a very small scale) but alas it was super-windy, so no balloons.

Here is how pretty the day was:

There was an antique firetruck show.
 Another firetruck with a pretty background...oh, and John.

Only in America....Grown men racing around on souped-up lawnmowers!

How silly is this?
MONSTER truck ride, anyone?
On the ride home through the scenic Virginia countryside, we saw what was once a gas station, way back when. It looked like a good photo-op.

And finally, the route home took us past a restaurant that serves a kick-ass Reuben sandwich. We rounded out the day (and our bellies!) with a nice dinner.

Jimmy would have thought this was a tavern just for him!

We've had A LOT of rainy weather this fall, so it was great to get out and enjoy the sunshine and scenery!


  1. Looks like a great day! I love that tavern sign!

  2. A fun day you had made even better by being on motorbike nice bike to.

    Thanks for your visit in answer to your question, we live in almost the middle of England so don't have to go very far in any direction to find somewhere different to go, the gardens were around one hours drive away, it is a great place to take photos, which is why I can't wait to go back.
    Have a good week
    Jan, George and Tess xxx

  3. What a nice day that must have been! You know, lawn mower races and other similar activities are one of the things I love about our country. We are such an enthusiastic, fun-loving, uninhibited people. Every nationality and region has its good and bad traits, of course, and I happen to love those traits of ours. I happen to love the Virginia countryside, too, and envy you and Erika for living in it!

  4. Ditto! the big truck! Fall is such a special season. Where we live you sometimes have to find it but the mountains help! Thanks for taking us along in pictures! Enjoyed it!

  5. The lawnmower race is cracking me up. Both my boys would be all over that.


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