Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wilson's Watertoy Wordless Wednesday


  1. Nice ride! Speaking of rides, does he or is he just being a perfect model? (I know nothing about water toys, clearly.)

  2. Does he have a water vehicle license?

  3. @Elizabeth - The answer is Both! Wilson is always a very good boy aboout posing where ever it is I stick him. He just seems to "get it". But he also LOVES to ride the jetski! When he sees us packing up the car with jetski stuff/hooking it to the car, he is glued to the backdoor, worried he will be left home. Jimmy is pretty much the same, although not quite as brave during the actual ride. I think the real reason they like it so much is that it leads to a day of swimming, which is their true obsession. Both guys wear lifevests, and Jimmy rides in the seat in front of me, Wilson rides in the footwell (perfectly shaped/sized for a corgi!) with John holding the handle on the vest so he can't fall off. Wilson stands with his front feet on the rail and pushes his face and body out into the wind/water spray. I wish I had a picture of us all aboard and cruising. It must be quite a sight based on the looks we get from other boaters :-)


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