Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The First Light of Day

I am, by nature, a morning person. Sleeping late for me is 7 am. I enjoy being up when the world is still quiet and I can have time to myself. Of course, Wilson and Jimmy will follow me downstairs and begin their breakfast vigil. They watch out the back door for the deer or fox to go by, chew a bone, or doze on the dog bed while they wait for their food.

At the eastern end of our yard is a row of Leyland Cypress. The sun has to rise high enough to shine through the upper boughs and then into our kitchen over the sink. As a result, the first bit of sunlight shines in as strongly defined rays. This weekend Jimmy managed to accidentally place himself in the direct path of that first blazing ray. It was amusing and photo-worthy :-)

Didn't his Mama ever tell him not to look into the eyes of the sun?


  1. Spotlight! Definitely photo-worthy. I like getting up early, too, and for just the reasons you mentioned. Great header photo.

  2. Great light play on Jimmie's head. Of course, he can't even move because he is STARVING -- isn't it breakfast time yet?

  3. "They watch out the back door for the deer or fox to go by, chew a bone, or doze on the dog bed while they wait for their food."

    How nice. And how unlike my house.

    For my pack, the sun coming up is cause for wild celebration. Bounce, bark, spin and roll. Out for a quick potty and then DEMAND breakfast. NOW.

    A certain relative of a member of your pack is certain that he will absolutely curl up and blow away from hunger if he does not eat IMMEDIATELY.

  4. I'm with Janet - that would NEVER happen at my house. The pacing starts by Rufus approximately 10 minutes before the alarm goes off...lots of pacing, sighing, waiting. The alarm goes off, and he springs into action. Nick is released from the crate and they proceed to run 90 MPH through the house straight to get outside. Then the "food dance" starts...hop! hop! hop! Side-shuffle...hop!

    Jimmy is so handsome. What a great picture of him!

  5. So, do you think the inside of his nose is now nice and tanned?

    At my house, if you open your eyes, it's time to eat breakfast. Gracie will jump on you while you are sleeping to make you open your eyes to make it time to eat breakfast.

    And make no mistake, she WILL double-dip. If my husband is up early on the weekend and feeds her, she will try to get me to feed her if I get up later. It's worked a few times, too. The mooch

    Gracie the blue CWC
    Philly, PA

  6. Love Jimmy's sunny face. (Not a bit creepy.) :)

    JF and Dewi are surprisingly civil in the a.m., but that's because I get up and let them out of their crates at 5 a.m. - then it's up on the bed for another 2 hours. They rock. :)


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