Monday, March 21, 2011

Piling Pups

We are back from another long weekend in Myrtle Beach. What a difference a month makes in the weather! We had three gorgeous blue sky days that were warm, albeit pretty windy. Saturday was at least 80 and the beach was packed! Tons of people out in swimsuits, sunbathing. A few brave souls even went in the ocean for a swim! The water was still very cold so I only made it as far as maybe mid-calf, just far enough to rescue any tennis balls that got caught in the tide. The boys had no problem getting in chest deep, but didn't seem interested in a real swim. Having been there so recently, I didn't take much in the way of photos. I am always looking for something different to use in the pictures, so this time I plopped the boys up on these pilings. They weren't too sure of their footing, and fortunately didn't make any suicidal leaps for the ground!


  1. I'm jealous; I need a beach break. How do you get the sand off your doggies?

  2. For the most part, I just hose them to get the really obvious sand off and then rub/dry them before they get to go inside the condo. Of course, a couple of hours later, where ever it is they are sleeping (usually the bed!), we find a huge pile of sand!

  3. Glad the boyz had fun! We haven't been that brave yet to try the beach...Nick tried to take a swim in my sister's fish pond yesterday though....


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