Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Nose Knows!

While we were at the beach this past weekend, Jimmy proved what a natural he is a tracking a scent. His favorite person is John (an irony worthy of its own post!) so Jim is quite concerned with keeping tabs on him. We were all out on the beach by our condo building which is a high-rise. John had all his fishing gear plus a chair. When we decided to go in, John headed straight to the set of dune steps and little trail that leads back right to our building. I took the boys and headed down the beach for about a block. I wanted to exit at a spot that had a hose for washing off at least some of the sand from their coats. Splitting up like this never makes the boys happy as they much prefer we all stay together. After torturing the boys with a good rinse job, we head back along the sidewalk. When we get to the spot where John would have crossed the street, Jimmy's nose goes down and he becomes mildly frantic. He picks up the pace, swinging his head from side to side. We shoot across the street and up the long sidewalk leading into the building, Jimmy continuing to sniff like crazy. The sidewalk goes past the outdoor pool, and Jimmy flies over to the entrance. He tries hard to get through the gate. I call him off, and he immediately resumes his sniffing from side to side. Into the lobby he runs, straight to the elevator bank, checking each of the three doors, settling in front of the one to the left.That's not the one that opens for us so I have to tug Jimmy along. We get out on the 11th floor and at this point both boys run for the condo, knowing where they are, scent or no scent.

After toweling off the boys, and going inside, I ask John about his route back from the beach.
 Did you stop by the pool by any chance?
 Why, yes, I did. I wanted to check the water temperature.
Did you ride up on the left most elevator?
(After a bit of thinking)...Hmmm, I did.....
Well Jimmy told me all about it on the way up! The nose knows!

I'm thinking someone needs a Nosework or Tracking class....


  1. It sounds like Jimmy wants to be a tracking dog -- there is no event that is more fun for the dog than tracking. It's the one event for which they get to be in charge -- our noses just aren't up to the challenge.

  2. Isnt it amazing! Good job Jimmie.

  3. Tracking class! How fun that would be. Their noses are truly amazing things, aren't they??

  4. Good boy Jimmy! I love intelligent dogs!

  5. Way to go Jimmy! You could use that nose for all kinds of things, like finding your car in the mall parking lot.

  6. Cotton is doing the same thing! I call her in in the evening and she makes a beeline toward me. Then she zigs and zags all over the farm, around the barn and outbuildings...following barn cat scent I think. Totally intense!

  7. That's cool! JF and I did a tracking workshop in December and he loved it. If I can ever get motivated again about training, we might try lessons.

  8. Maybe Jimmy wants to be a search and rescue dog. After all there's no stupid pause table in search & rescue...

  9. Sounds like a good tracking dog! A tracking instructor told me once that dogs love it like kids love computer games.


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