Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Herding Pictures

Here are some more photos of our day out in the country. Originally, my intention was just to go out and watch Claire's and Bobby's lesson and get in a little visit. As it turned out, the person taking a lesson after Claire cancelled, leaving an opportunity I just couldn't pass up! The sheep are in Berryville, Va. at a place called Keepstone Farm . If you are interested in herding lessons, this is the place to be!

In this first picture (and all photo credits go to Claire who did a fabulous job taking pictures of my guys), Wilson, who is easily put off by strangers, is sassing the teacher, Susan. Her stick had a noisemaker can attached, and he did not appreciate that!

His interest started to kick in and so the can became less annoying!

Keeping his distance.....

I started with Wilson because I expected him to be calmer. Jimmy raised a rukus in my car while waiting for his turn, but more due to jealousy over Wilson having fun than wanting to get to the sheep. He was actually a tad more hesitant than Wilson and took a while to get going. Actually they both performed very true to their herding evaluations at last year's National Specialty in Gettysburg.

Going this way.....

Going back the other way.....I love how the three sheep are lined up by size!

And performing a nice sit/stay to finish the lesson.

Both boys seemed pretty pleased with their morning and went right to sleep on the ride home. I bet they are both hoping that another trip to the farm happens soon!


  1. I love how Wilson is obviously voicing his displeasure at the noisy stick! Looks like the boys had fun.

  2. Good for you and the boys -- watching our dogs do what they were bred to do is such a gift.

    BTW, I love your sunset over the ocean photo!

  3. Wish Berryville was closer. We are a little bit too far from herding lessons in both directions (north and south), unless we catch the Chesapeake lady when she gives lessons in Ashland once a month. I need to get us in somewhere to be instinct tested in a month or so.

  4. Oh, Wilson looks like he is enjoying himself!

  5. @Elizabeth-the Chesapeake Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club will be doing instinct testing on May 22nd, I think. The test is in Millersville MD-just north of the Beltway. This could be an option for you.

  6. That is so neat! Really enjoyed seeing and reading about the lesson!

  7. Herding is my favorite hobby ever. The dogs love it. I love it. If you do it right, the sheep don't mind it. The people are (generally) good.

    It is expensive (have you seen the price of gas?!?!?) but worth it if you commit to weekly training and occassional clinics. I try to practise twice a week - that's when we make real progress.

    Keep it up. Your guys are looking good, as always.


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