Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Here are some family photos of my boys with their littermates.

Wilson's and Spencer's kennel name is Caduceus. Wilson's registered name is Caduceus Castaway Wilson AXP AJP NF CGC. Yes! He is named after Tom Hank's beloved soccer ball in the movie Castaway. And, coincidently, his father's name is CH Sisterwood's Winsome Will, so he really is a Will-son :-) Spencer, who is Janet's handsome and exceptionally well-trained boy, is registered as Caduceus Spencer Batrille CA CD HT GN RAE3 OAP NJP. He is one VERY accomplished Cardigan!

Photo thanks to Janet

Here are the brothers at their first reunion at the 2006 Cardigan National Specialty in Kentucky. It also coincided with their 3rd birthday and here they are enjoying a special dog-cake Janet brought along for the celebration.

Moving on to my younger boy....Bobby's and Jimmy's kennel name is Fine Creek. Jimmy's registered name is Fine Creek's Sharp Dressed Man AXJ OA NF CGC. I named him based on his B&W tuxedo colors and the Jimmy call name really doesn't play off of it. I've thought of a couple of better registered names since I've gotten to know him better, but the first one will stick. I can say that nothing sets the tone of the day better than when driving to an agility trial, and ZZ Topp's Sharp Dressed Man song comes on the radio. I crank it up and know it will be a good day! Bobby, who belongs to Claire, is registered  as Fine Creek's Simple Twist of Fate HT PT. These boys are both high-drive, high-energy guys! Fortunately, they are both well-employed, Bobby pursuing a herding career and Jimmy working toward his MACH agility title.

Jimmy doesn't share ANYTHING! Not with Wilson, not with Bobby, so there are definitely no photos of birthday festivities for him!  Just another shot of some good-looking guys....


  1. Sam's registered name has nothing to do with his call name either. He is registered as Ch Yardican Roland. When Marla (who owns Wilson and Spencer's dad)owned him he was one of three Sams in the house; Mar's husband (Big Sam) and son (Little Sam) and then there was Red Dog Sam.

    The last dog I named was Moira (CardiRidge's Sweet Potato Pie) again, call name has nothing to do with registered name. I've got a couple names in mind for future dogs that are more related but if your dog ends up having the personality of its name then I am in trouble.

  2. Awesome photos of four very handsome Cardis! (JF's and Dewi's call names are (mostly) the same as their registered names. We thought companion cardis didn't get fancy registered names. Guess it depends on the breeder's wishes.)

  3. Nick's name has nothing to do with his registered name either - he is Mockingbird Could This Be Magic. When he was born, Janet and Laura (I think it was Laura...) came up with puppy names by naming them after the kids in Eight is Enough. Nick stuck! Although he answers to several variations of it including Nicky, Nick Nick, Nickabear, WildAss, and Naughty Nick.

  4. Oh, and BTW we are huge Spencer fans in the hizzouse, so we need to meet Mr. Wilson someday! :-)

  5. So, chiming in here. Simple Twist of Fate is my favorite Bob Dylan song, hence the call name Bobby. The registered name, Simple Twist of Fate refers to the way Bobby came into my life. My previous cardi and I were attacked by a pitbull in my driveway when I lived down in Richmond-a case of wrong place, wrong time, wrong dog. I survived, Barney did not. Bobby was born about 6 weeks later. Hence, Simple Twist of Fate.

  6. Names are fun! We have a little trouble here. If Bear knows his name, he's very smart because he only comes when he wants to. Looks like school is in his future. He knows outside, Buddy, chicken and ignores come and no.


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