Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Final Agility Trial of 2010

Yesterday was Jimmy's and my final agility trial of the year. This was another trial that should have been at the now-closed equestrian center just 45 minutes from home. Originally I was signed up for both days, but their new location was way too far away. I don't do motels when it comes to agility, as that just completely blows the budget, and would consume all my training funds. So I dropped one day, and kept just Saturday. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive one way down to the Richmond International Raceway. The trial was held in an open-air, but roofed arena with a dirt floor. Oh, the DUST! Yuck! I now know what the folks who went to the USDAA Nat'ls in KY were talking about! I am sure this wasn't as bad, but still yuck! And the surface was very hard with a layer of dirt over top that made it quite slick. The club that holds this trial does a wonderful job and go out of their way to make sure everyone has a good time, so I will be sad if this turns out to be their new regular spot as I won't come back.

Anyway, on to our runs. First was Jimmy's first try at Excellent A STD. You get one quess at where we went wrong......yep, the Table. Jimmy did hop right on, but didn't stay for the count :-(
I shifted slightly to start my front cross to the next obstacle and I am sure he read my movement as a release cue. Bummer. But he did get on, so hopefully this was just a blip. The rest of his run was nice, he nailed his running DW contact even with a U-turn to a tunnel. And he had great fast time, so all in all a pretty good job.

Shortly thereafter came Excellent B JWW. It was a very tricky course with lots of side changes and a tough weave entry. Jimmy did it all in style! He was fast and clean. We had 49 seconds to get it done and Jimmy finished in 33.46. This still wasn't quick enough to place but we did come in 8th place which is still pretty darn good in the 12 inch class. We beat all the corgis and quite a few shelties! This run gave us another 15 MACH points as well. Woohoo!

Tracking Jimmy's MACH progress:
Excellent B JWW legs: 4 (out of 10 needed for his MXJ)
Excellent B STD legs: 0 (out of 10 needed for his MX)
Double Q's: 0 (out of 20 double-Q's needed for a MACH)
MACH Points: 52 (out of 750 speed points needed for a MACH)


  1. Our club holds its Fall obedience and both its agility trials in an open horse arena with a dirt floor. The grounds guys are really great about grading and raking and sprinkling the night before and the nights in between. The people with the little hairy dogs complain, but for the most part it's a great venue with excellent footing. However, if you're there when the wind is blowing, it is unfit for man and beast.

    Congratulations on Jimmy's Q -- it won't be long before he has his MACH. Go Jimmy!

  2. Good for you and Jimmy, Taryn! I wish I could have come to watch. Although, I remember eating dust on many a Saturday morning while watching Erika's riding lessons, so maybe not...


  3. Aaah, I live in the Richmond area and had no idea there was anything going on this weekend, my son would've loved to watch agility! Congrats to Jimmy!

  4. Well done Jimmy, all this is double dutch to me, but looks like you had a good time.
    See Yea George xxx

  5. Congrats on a good day at the trial!

    Also - from your previous post - sorry to hear about the woods. I think woods and forests are special places... When I was in High School my favorite trail riding woods were clear cut. It was such a lovely place, then suddenly just stumps and mud. :(

  6. Congratulations on the results. Dustly is not my idea of good conditions either!


  7. Congrats on a good weekend!!! I<3 Jimmy- he seems like my kinda guy. :)

  8. We live in the dirt so dust is just part of our over all experience. I might not no what to do with out the grit of dust all around :-). Go get those MACH points!


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