Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Weekend Report

Well, another trialing weekend is behind us. This trial was originally scheduled in an indoor horse facility. At the last moment, the club had to relocate. Short notice being what it is, they had to opt for an outdoor venue. But, oh, what a lovely venue they chose! Not only was it 15 minutes from my house, it was in a gorgeous park! And the weather was stunning fall temps and sunshine.

Now, despite the relocation, we definitely did not lose the horse theme. Morven Park is, first and foremost, an equestrian park, hosting many international level events, as well as housing a university equine medical center. So, our distraction du jour today for all of the competing dogs was this...

Here's Jim, striking a pose with the lovely fall scenery.....

We even had a blog collision at this trial! Do you recognize this beauty from over at Life with the Horde?

But, of course, this is the report on how Jimmy did......Well, when he is good, he is VERY good! He, bless his little heart, on Saturday finally gave me a table in Open STD! And other than a botched weave entry, we were clean! Only one mistake gave us the Q! YE-HA! This is leg #2 for Open and it even earned us first place!

Unfortunately, the rest of the weekend was not as successful. John came Saturday morning to watch our Exc B JWW run. I quess the added pressure was too much for me. I cued a turn too late and that made Jimmy mad! Once he's mad, he has a hard time refocusing. The rest of the run was a disaster. I was sad and disappointed as I really wanted to make John proud. He is now forever banned from our trials!

Today, it was a bar down on a rear cross, followed by a bar down on a triple, for our JWW run. Fast, but no Q. In Open STD, Jimmy was going good til the table, hit it with his front feet and bounced off, but on second try, he did get on and stayed. We were still OK with only the dogwalk to an easy tunnel. Alas, the little bugger blew his dogwalk contact, something he never does. Crap! Run done! or should I say undone :-(

Sometimes, I really feel like we've hit a brick wall when it comes to our Standard runs...

But, by tomorrow, I'll be hot to try again! If it was too easy there would be no sense of accomplishment!

My next highly anticipated agility event is a full day seminar this friday with Daisy Peel. She is a Sixteen Time National Finalist, Five Time Regional Champion, Three Time National Champion, and Three Time USA World Team Member. It doesn't get much better than that! I am psyched to say the least!

This was shot from the car as I headed home. It's hard to sulk for too long when surrounded by this beauty!


  1. Casper and I take lessons with Daisy. We love her!

  2. The dogs just have their own agendas. If you take that away, I think you lose some of the spark. So, keep trying, Jimmy will give you another great run.

  3. How neat to run into a fellow blogger! Congrats on your Open Q. It looks like it was a gorgeous venue!

  4. Don't be to hard on yourself we all get bad days and like you said it was a lovely place to be. Beauiful colours to.
    That idea you gave me, I will be putting up a post on 1st Nov, I will be linking it to your Saturday Steps post if thats OK. If not just leave me a comment I won't take offence

  5. What a lovely location for a trial. Congrats on your Open Q!


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