Sunday, October 24, 2010


Wilson and Jimmy are standing on the first in a series of cross-country jumps on a horse trail. This tree they are standing on was above my waist. Behind it is a stream gully dropping down several feet, back up to that next jump, then only one stride will bring the horse to that final jump at the back. I've ridden horses my whole life (lucky me, my dad loved horses so I had them growing up!), but I can't even imagine the iron nerves it would take to direct my horse over obstacles of this size! And the stream bed below makes it even more incredible! Coming from the other direction, the horse would be traveling downhill across a big field, with tons of momentum, jump, one stride, jump, landing way down in the gully, and up hill to catch the tree the boys are on. Simply amazing that they can do it!

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  1. Steeplechase is one of the very coolest equestrian events -- as well as one of the most dangerous. The boys have found the safest way to follow the course -- stop at each obstacle for a photo.


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